AG Collective 9040 Mods: The Watch for You

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Aries Gold was founded in 1970 with a vision of curating quality and meaningful timepieces that are inaccessible and inexpensive for all. Today, that dream is unfolding into reality by intertwining mastery of traditional watchmaking practices with modern production and manufacturing techniques. We take pride, especially in our AG Collective 9040 modded watches. There’s nothing more special than a piece personalized just for you. Generally speaking, these pieces are incredibly durable diver watches with a 300 ft water-resistant property. Moreover, they are flexible regarding modification capabilities, making them built to be the custom watch you’ve always wanted.

These series are modified from the original pieces to make the design unique and special. Imagine going into an event, and someone is wearing the same watch as you. Watches are supposed to reflect your personality. Therefore, we made these mods for daring and adventurous individuals that want something different.

Let’s go into a closer look at this prestige line of stunning pieces from our 9040 mods:

The Joker Stealth AG Collective Special Custom Watch G 9040 BKYM-BK-M2

This timepiece is curated with a stealthy look and a splash of the fun purple tone resembling the Joker’s color accents in his movie. It is a balance of being quirky and mysterious, and if you’re someone who resonates with those characteristics, this can be a fun representation of your personality. No watch has any purple bezel insert, so this piece is exceptionally unique. Add it with some prints on the case back or a few personal touches on the dial, and you have a unique watch that’s all about you. It’s also scratch-proof and pretty accurate in doing its job.

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The Forrest Grunt Stealth AG Collective Special Custom Watch G 9040 BKYM-BK-M1

Next on the list is the stunning Forrest Grunt Stealth. It is built to resemble the green outdoors, and it’s a dive watch, too. The green bezel insert is very rare, making it look distinct and special. It is a piece that fits any underwater and on-land adventures. Engineered by a Japanese movement, you can rely on this watch to get the job done. It represents boldness, perfectly made for elite and classy gentlemen. The indices and hands of the clock are handpainted with a Swiss C5 Superluminova, ensuring efficient readability in extreme and dark conditions. Moreover, the stealthy feel of the black dial and straps make it more mysterious and elegant.

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Arabian Dark Night AG Collective Special Custom Watch G 9040 SBA-BK-M2

Aries Gold exclusively makes the Arabian Dark Night, and we are the only one to ever curate a timepiece with a two-tone bezel with Arabian characters. The Dark Night movie inspired the blue and black hues on this watch, so if you are a fan too, this watch is perfect for you.

Moreover, the pop of blue can also be correlated to the oceans since this is a diver's watch. A double-domed sapphire glass also protects the timepiece to withstand any bumps and impacts in or out of the water.

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Arabian Golden Hulk AG Collective Special Custom Watch G 9040 RGGN-GNRG-M1

Another gleaming timepiece is our Arabian Golden Hulk. The greenness of the Hulk inspires the dial and the bezel, and it is well-complemented by white indices and Arabian characters, cased by a stunning gold material. It also has an integrated rubber strap with a pin buckle that’s ultimately comfortable to wear. This timepiece has high flexibility in any wardrobe that it can be used as a dress watch, sports watch, and even as a daily companion. This is indeed an excellent piece for those who love to be seen and have flashy accessories.

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The Green Lantern 2.0 AG Collective Special Custom Watch G 9040 SBK-BK-M2

The Green Lantern 2.0 is an overall green watch with a silver case and embellishments of white on the bezel and the black dial. This is a great casual addition to your watch collection, especially if you’re looking for a unique modern piece with a touch of tradition. It’s a subtle watch, but it demands attention enough to get a second look. It’s the perfect watch for casual get-ups aside from being a sports watch and for people who want to express their outgoing personalities.

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The Golden Retro 1.1 AG Collective Special Custom Watch G 9040 SG-BKG-M1

As the name suggests, the Golden Retro is a perfect combination of the modern style and the retro vibe. It has a black strap and dial that beautifully contrasts with a gold bezel. The watch has prominent and thick indices for easy time-telling anywhere. This piece is perfect for your rugged outfit, and its case size is pretty comfortable on any wrist. This pretty straightforward watch could be your ultimate confidence booster if you’re a little shy or have an introverted personality.

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The Blue Wonder AG Collective Special Custom Watch G 9040 SYM-BU-M1

The Blue Wonder is like a treasure under the sea. It has a shiny holographic-like dial that catches a lot of attention. The watch oozes with authority that shows a lot of vibrance but still has reserved and composed touches. It is perfect for professionals who want a hint of energetic radiance in their wardrobe.

Designed for the modern gentleman, this watch gets the job done while looking good with uncompromising quality. Moreover, like the other 9040 pieces, it has a designated and spacious area for your customization needs, such as texts and pictures. This piece

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The Joker Camo AG Collective Special Custom Watch G 9040 SBA-BKM1

If you love the Joker piece but do not vibe with the stealth aura, the Joker Camo is highly recommended. It’s a more vibrant variant with a unique nylon military-inspired and camo-themed strap, perfect for outdoor activities and, of course, as a diver. We also guarantee that its performance is just as sophisticated and high-quality as its design. This is indeed one of our crowd favorites, and it is perfect for customization if you want to show off your boldness and self-assurance.

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The Forrest Grunt Camo AG Collective Special Custom Watch G 9040 SBK-BK-M1

Similar to the Joker Camo, this piece is the camo version of the Forrest Grunt. It has a much more serious but fresh vibe, with a hint of luxury as it was curated. It has the same green bezel shade as the Forrest Grunt stealth that gives off a commanding feel with the dominant camo straps. This piece is perfect for active people who love adventures and the great outdoors.

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Final Thoughts

Aries Gold was built to showcase that watches aren’t just mere accessories. Instead, they are physical reminders of celebratory moments, milestones, and happy memories. This brand’s core value is creating a tool that excels in performance but wins hearts because of the passion and meaning of each piece assembled. You can have one or all of the AG 9040 collection, and we know it is worth every penny. It‘s one of the most timeless gifts you could reward yourself or gift others.

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