AG October Releases

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It has been a while since I have written for our own local brand Aries Gold and this time I proud to announce that the brand has released 2 masterpiece in the month of October. While it is extremely exciting to keep releasing brands, Aries Gold design and engineering team have spoken that it is also extremely tiring. Nevertheless, it is extremely rewarding to also see the end consumers wearing the watches they have designed, engineered and made. The first one is a quartz watch that has a unique vintage design. Here is a short write-up of the watch by the brand.


7018 – Hawk

Made like a mechanical beast, it took our engineering team more than 18 months to produce the Hawk 7018. Inspired by the vintage mechanical aerial beasts of the 1960s, the watch has a military styled brushed and sandblasted styled casing. The layered finishing of the watch casing speaks volumes of the attention to detail by our engineering team. The skeletal watch dial design is made to resemble the complex mechanism of the plane engines. The vintage looking watch straps gives the watch a dapper look despite its sporty appearance. Extremely complex and difficult to assemble, with more than 7 layers, each piece of Hawk can only be assembled by 1 single Master Watchmaker one at a time. Lastly, the anti-reflective coating, the sapphire glass and the workhorse Japanese quartz chronograph movement from Seiko gives you every reason to invest in a hardworking watch that can last you a lifetime.


The watch is priced at $199.50 SGD and is now available on here and in all H2 Hub outlets.

The next watch is an exciting automatic watch that is limited to only 500 pieces. The watch also uses an extremely rare power reserve automatic movement that is only used in Orient watches. Here is a short write-up about the watch by the brand.

9021 Roadster

The Roadster 9021 is inspired by the vintage outlook of the racing cars designed in the 1960s. The sleek outlook of the sandblasted casing matched with a sandblasted finished handcrafted watch dial, the watch has a retro feel to it. The power reserve marker of the rare Japanese Epson automatic movement is made to look like the fuel marker of the automobile. The circular watch hands used are extremely difficult to assemble and therefore all Roadsters are only assembled by 1 single Master Watchmaker at a time. Matched with a vintage looking matte finished leather strap with a handy quick release mechanism, the entire watch gives off the strong vibe from the 60s. Finished with a sapphire glass surface, this beast is built to last. This limited edition watch only has 500 pieces produced for sales worldwide and comes in a unique wooden packaging and a limited-edition card. 

This sandblasted finish of the 9021 is extremely makes the watch very difficult to maintain and clean but it also makes it extremely unique and military-looking in its presentation.


The watch is priced at $429.80 SGD and is now available here and in all H2 Hub outlets.

That’s all folks, signing off from your friendly H2 Hub Boss.