An Insight into the Coveted Seiko Prospex Watches

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For horologists and watch lovers, Seiko is not an unknown name. Even those who don't have much interest in these practical fashion accessories may have also heard its name. It is the reach of this brand. However, it is unlikely that everyone would have an idea about its Prospex line of products. These watches are available in plenty of places; you might have also seen them in passing while browsing Seiko collections. Like others, you may not have enough awareness about this specific range. So, here is a thing for you. Let’s learn about Prospex designs and whether they are worth buying or not. 


Looking into the story behind Seiko Prospex watches

Prospex is an acronym for professional specifications. Seiko presents the professionals an opportunity to choose only the best from the lot. Whether you are a fan of a Seiko watch or a professional, you cannot ignore these high-end timepieces for sure.

In the 1960s, scuba diving became quite famous. As you may know, in this water activity, a diver has to time his diving well. All this allowed the watchmaking industry to contribute to this field and ride the wave. Soon dive watches started releasing in the market. Everyone wanted to make sure they are the best. During that time around, Seiko came with a 6217 diver watch.  It was the year 1965 when the first-ever professional dive watch from Seiko arrived in the market and paved the way for today's models. Seiko has been making different types of sports watches, including affordable quartz movements and top-rated automatics ever since. Prospex belongs to the latter category.

This series is distinct from the standard mechanical Seiko watches. The superior design of these watches is luxurious and comparable to any high-end brand offerings. These watches stand out for adopting cutting-edge technology. It doesn't imply Prospex is only about dive watches. There are several precision watches for different professions. From automatic to quartz, and analog to a digital display, this Seiko series can leave you spoilt for choices. So, if you don't have much time, don't go shopping until you have an overall idea about what it can offer you. There is a possibility to get something better than what you picked in a hurry.


The reasons why you need to buy a Seiko Prospex watch

Although it has already struck a chord with sports enthusiasts and adrenaline buffs, you cannot feel satisfied until you own a Seiko Prospex watch. To find your choice, you need to check some of the prominent editions in this collection. So, here you go!


Seiko Prospex Save The Ocean

The Prospex Save the Ocean watches look suave with their beautiful dials and rubber/ stainless steel straps. The blue dials come with luminous markers that appear even more attractive.  Different models can have different levels of water resistance from 100m to 200m. Some models can have automatic, and some can make solar movements. It depends on you to choose what you find most comfortable. A solar-powered watch can recharge through any source of light. The analog dials lend these watches an incredibly sophisticated touch. A few examples of this style are as follows:

  • Automatic Save The Ocean Samurai SRPC93K1 Stainless Steel Men’s Silver Watch

  • Automatic Save The Ocean Turtle SRPC91K1 Men’s Black Rubber Strap Watch

  • Save The Ocean SNE518P1 Men’s Watch


Seiko Prospex Marinemaster Diver

The ceramic rotating bezel in the Marine Master range can be an epitome of durability. The blue bezel gives the watch a unique personality and versatility. The watch has three hands, a date display protected by the cover of sapphire glass. Automatic movement and stainless-steel bracelet are the other high points. It is undoubtedly one of the high-end professional divers watch too with water resistance rating showing 300m. It is an expensive model. For an idea, you can check Marinemaster Diver Blue SLA023J1 Men’s Watch.


Seiko Prospex Land

Some of the typical features of the Land series can be rotating compass bezel, their everyday wear look, and easy readability in dim or bright light. The dotted markers add to the complex yet attractive appearance. You can check out Land SUN053P1 Men’s Watch once to understand how this look adds to the overall style. The Watch movement is kinetic. Seiko introduced this technology in 1988, as per the reports. Initially, the brand referred to this movement as Auto-Quartz, but then rephrased it to Kinetic in 1997.

In terms of functionality, kinetic watches aren’t much different from automatic ones. It is just that kinetic watches feature swinging weight that energizes the quartz aiding its vibration and frequency. When the charge happens, the watch locks the energy in a capacitor. These types of watches are environment-friendly and don’t require manual winding.


Seiko Prospex Street

These watches have got the substance and appearance that speak volumes about what a genuine Seiko fan expects from the design of a diving watch. Seiko has 50 years of experience in making dive watches. The old-style tuna shape of the year 1975 has now become compact and stronger. You can wear it 200m under the sea as well as on the street. It is up to you where you enjoy wearing it the most. The reinforced timepieces are impossible to ignore. Some of the great choices from this series include:

  • Street Series SNE535P1 Men’s Watch

  • Street Series SNE533P1 Men’s Watch

  • Street SNE543P1 Men’s Watch


Available in green, blue, and black colors with silicon band, these watches are the must-have for a perfect day-out experience. These watches use solar movement. There are numerous advantages to this kind of mechanism. You can charge your battery quickly and easily. You don't have to worry about replacing your battery after a gap. Hence, you don't have to think in terms of maintenance. In solar-powered watches, the light remains the primary source of energy. Therefore, you don't have to depend on the battery. Since battery waste is not easy to get rid of, when you choose solar models, you show love for your environment by reducing the burden of disposable batteries on it.

Besides, the power reserve of automatic or mechanical watches tends to be about 50 hours on average. But solar-driven watches can store energy for up to six months. However, it can vary from one model to another. Nevertheless, if you prefer sophistication and coolness, then these watches are the best.


 Seiko Prospex Monster

If you have noticed, all the nicknames or categories have relevance. They are not random monikers. Each of them represents the individuality and specialty of the products. And you can have a similar expectation in the case of Monster edition too. The bezel of the watch looks like the open mouth of a monster with the bare teeth. Such design arrived in the market for the first time in the year 2000. You can look at Monster SRPD29K1 Men’s Watch to have an idea about what it is. The stainless-steel strap in black color, hardlex case glass, water-resistance of 200m, and automatic movement are some of the standard features of this specific model.


Another gem from Seiko Prospex

Above mentioned options are only the glimpses of what you can look forward to when shopping for a Prospex watch. There are plenty of opportunities to explore and, again, more choices to dig deeper into before deciding. For instance, you can look around for SPB077J1 men’s watch. If you want to experience the charm of the mid-century dive watches, such as 6159, a rare beauty, then you can get your hand on SPB077J1. One of the striking features of this model is its case. It has its design language laced with creativity and expression. The broad slopes look aggressive, but the crowns and undercuts balance out everything else. As a consequence, you get to witness pure style and comfort.

SPB077J1 is not a small watch. However, the proper use of curves and designs make the dimensions look smaller. When you run your eyes through the dial, you can judge it to be functional, efficient, logical, and straightforward. From a 200m diver dial getting such vibe is not a casual thing. Then, the super reliable stainless-steel strap stands for sturdy construction and finishing. It is a typical Seiko kind of thing. 

In essence, this rugged diver model has aggressive features, which look quite macho. The chapter ring, black circle of the dial, dramatic lug, and everything else give it a great appearance. Even if you have an affinity for smaller watches, you might fall in love with this piece because it doesn't come out as so large as you may assume from its dimension specifications.

In the end, it will be safe to say there is no end to what you can enjoy about a Prospex watch. A model for a thousand dollars and above can stop you from making a decision. Nevertheless, you don't have to worry about them in terms of quality, design, and trustworthiness. If you don't want to spend a higher amount, you can explore the lower-priced models also to bask in the splendor of the Seiko brand.

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