Brand Review: Masterful Maserati

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During the long CNY weekend, I reversed the Toyoto Rush I’d borrowed from my granddad into the HDB car park lot, stepped out after forgetting to place the parking coupon onto the dashboard, and there it was next to me, a sight that stopped me in my tracks. No, it wasn’t the parking auntie who’d come to give me a saman, nor a red packet containing hundreds of dollars lying on the floor. What stood next to me was a stunner of a car, the Maserati Quattoporte S. Now, that isn’t something you see often at an HDB car park, but I’d have imagined it was some lucky girl-next-door’s boyfriend who was keen to impress her relatives – you know, that particular couple who’s always too eager to share Instagram pics of their latest exotic holiday or branded luxury purchase.



Anyway, the point is how Maserati still continues to impress me, and it’s not just their supercars; even their timepieces are part functional object, and part fashion accessory. I mean, with a heritage that dates back to Bologna since December 1, 1914, and tagline that goes "Luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars", you’d expect nothing less. Sleek contours, artfully crafted interiors, and a highly elegant overall aesthetic – it’s what their product stands for.



Take the Maserati Traguardo Chronograph for example, and how the racing-inspired silicon strap bears an indentation of the trident insignia. Or how the watch dials resemble race car gauges. Even the red/black/white colourway just fuels an innate machismo that many Italian supercar brands do, such as Ferrari and by extension, their own timepiece range. With so much going for it, you’d be pleased to know that Maserati timepieces are currently retailing for good value-to-price ratio, considering their storied lineage.


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