As watch enthusiasts, we have been well-versed with the Casio G-Shock as rugged and extra bold. However, the Casi-oak models have taken a new approach to the traditional G-Shock series. It is a much slimmer and more compact watch with a laid-back design compared to the colorful and thicker classic G-Shocks.

These timepieces are proven to be reliable and durable with their mineral glass crystal and stainless steel straps. Plus, they are powered by an accurate quartz caliber.

Moreover, these octagon-shaped watches stand out by perfectly blending well with the wearer’s fashion sense and wardrobe get-up. It has a young and fresh look that retains the elegance and luxury feel to it, uncompromising quality without breaking the bank.

Let’s check out the beautiful Casi-oak pieces below:

Casi-oak Pure Steel Golden - H2 Hub Special Custom Watch

First on this series is the Casi-oak pure steel golden custom-made watch. It has a stunning gold appearance with an elegant black dial. Also, it has a digital-analog display with two sword-shaped hands and an alarm function. 

This specific Casi-oak piece is excellent as a dress watch, and it’s going to earn a lot of praises on formal occasions. The unique octagon bezel adds sophistication to this gold-tone watch, making it an overall luxury piece with stealthy touches.

If you’re interested in this timepiece, click here.

Casi-oak Pure Steel Stealth Black - H2 Hub Special Custom Watch

If you are not into a flashy watch and prefer a much laid-back and rugged accessory, this Casi-oak model is for you. It’s an all-black watch with a matte finish, perfect for the modern but mysterious gentleman. 

Integrated with black steel, you can expect this watch to be lightweight compared to other G-Shocks in the market. It also has a white handset that contrasts the stealthy dial for easy time readability. This piece is perfect for casual get-ups or even outdoor events.

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Casi-oak Pure Steel Rose Gold - H2 Hub Special Custom Watch

Next is the elegant Casi-oak Pure Steel Rose Gold custom watch. Like the other Casi-oak models, this piece has a recognizable octagon bezel and black dial. However, the rose gold package and appearance make it stand out more. 

There are very few watches with an octagon shape and rose-gold appearance in one setup, so this piece is extremely unique. If you’re into luxury-looking watches with a much more subtle finish and not that flashy, this is your model.

It’s a great wardrobe addition for formal occasions or even date nights. Take a closer look at this timepiece on this link.

Casi-oak Pure Steel Silver - H2 Hub Special Custom Watch

Last but not least is the Casi-oak Pure Steel Silver custom watch. This model has an overall silver look with a cool and stealthy black dial. Despite the numerous information on the watch’s face, the layout is arranged nicely to make it highly legible. It is shock and water-resistant, making it tough and built to last while still fashionable and comfortable.

This piece is highly versatile that it caters to all ages with its timeless appearance. Plus, it can be worn on any occasion or as a daily companion.

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The Verdict

If you are a fan of the G-Shock series, then this Casi-oak line is something you should have. Appearance-wise, it is far from the usual G-Shock collection. However, it is built to stand out. It is also made to be tough while retaining the luxurious feel of the Casio brand. Similarly, it is also curated with high-quality functions and materials, making them crowd favorites as well.

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