With the Diver watch trend still going strong, Citizen has launched a second series on their Promaster Fugu Diver watches to capture this growing trend. Citizen is really a go-to watch brand if you are looking for a good tool watch that is durable, functional, great looking and considerably easy on the pocket when comparing to Swiss Made brands like your Rolexes or Omega.


The Promaster watches in particular have been super popular due to their high level of functionality. The performance of the Promaster watches has been exceptional in Europe. And with diver watches really making the hit this season, Citizen has announced another regional release focused on South East Asia with six solid new Promaster watches. The rest of the world can only hope that this is a trend that will bring more such models to places like the US soon — because these affordable automatic dive watches are sure to be well received.

The six new variants feature different dial and aluminum bezel insert colors, as well as some options with mixed steel and gold-toned case finishes. The aluminium inserts are acceptable for this affordable price range. The new steel bracelet options are an attractive feature for some of the SKUs and the workmanship is smooth and more than acceptable. With 42mm-wide cases water-resistant to 200m, the distinctive Promaster features are the crown’s lefthand-side placement around 8 o’clock and the bezel design, with serrated sections broken up by smooth ones. The crown positioning is unique and I think it give people a good time wearing the watch due the crown now not being able to bruise your hand anymore. The brand says this bezel design was inspired by the fugu, which you might also known as the pufferfish, and the solid case back features a motif of the famously spiky and poisonous fish. It is a famous Japanese delicacy and I think it is a big part of the Japanese history and culture as well.


The automatic Miyota 8200 series of movements are found in affordable watches from a range of brands all around the world like Ingersoll or Buolova, but since Miyota is Citizen’s movement maker, I mean in a way, you can consider Promaster to contain an “in-house movement” in that sense. The 8203A is automatic, which means that it is self-winding. It is operating at 3Hz with a sturdy power reserve of 45 hours, but it doesn’t have the familiar hacking feature beloved by many, like Orient watches, but the reliability and the overall stability of the movement makes up for everything (the seconds hand doesn’t stop when you set the time).

In summary the Fugu is a super study, value for money Japanese dive watch. It is available at https://h2hub.com.sg/