Fila Fiesta

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Which trendy brand begins with F, and ends with La? Well, I’m sure some of you might have had the name Furla spring to mind, but for those who guessed Fila, we’ve got a piece of exciting news for you. After a couple of years away from our sunny Singapore shores, the Italian sports apparel label is finally back and gathering followers quicker than you can spell its simple, catchy name. With 5 Fila stores across the island already, the brand is totally on trend now, with chic offerings that are just as on point.


So, what’s it with Fila? You know how your oh-so-hip Instagram friends often post photos of themselves at the yoga studio in some variation of warrior stance with seemingly deep captions, while wearing adidas or Nike gear? Fila is no slouch too in this arena, creating comfortable, sports-friendly outfits to go along with your workout, gaining a lot of street cred in the process. Don’t take my word for it – just check out their international ambassadors like Karolina Pliskova and Gao Yuan Yuan. But as well as offering modern, share-worthy sports apparel, the key point here is that Fila also offers timepieces that fill your world with colour and ample style.