How can you pick out the perfect women’s Michael Kors watch for someone special?

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Do you wear the same jewelry every day? Or carry the same purse and wear the same clothes? When you don't wear the same clothes or carry the same handbag every day to work or class, why should you wear the same watch?

A watch is a lot more than a tool that tells time. It can be a signature personal style or a bold statement. More often than not, we have to keep our profession and work ethics in mind while dressing for the day. However, our watches can have a sneaky emblem, a rebellious streak of colors, or dazzling diamante settings irrespective of our dress code. You can think of your watch as the 43mm face of freedom and personalization that you can wear with panache.
It is a proven fact that women demand more choices and diversity while shopping. That not only applies to clothing but also accessories. That's the primary reason Michael Kors is one of the top design houses that women often check out for the latest trend of wristwatches.

Why does choosing a Michael Kors watch demand expert help?

Choosing one wristwatch out of the hundreds of designs Michael Kors has for sale right now is not easy. During the trying times of picking just one plan, we wish we could buy 'em all and start our very own MK collection. Sometimes, the affordability of the new editions and the older models that go on sale do make it possible for the millennial shoppers to own multiple MK watches.

That's another reason everyone loves Michael Kors. You don't always have to make unpleasant and tough decisions. Sometimes, you can take a break and buy all the items you like, thanks to affordable pricing and frequent sales. Many dedicated MK sellers give new visitors online coupon codes they can use for their first purchase. When it comes to shopping for luxury watches, you don't need to spend a lot; you just need to shop smartly and make the best of the offers you have!

Personal style, aesthetics, and wardrobe: Everything that goes into picking out the perfect watch

The first step towards choosing the right women's watch from the house of Michael Kors is considering the style quotient of the person who will wear it. Does the person like dressing up frequently? Does she spend most of her day in formal attire? Is she a stay-at-home-mom with a penchant for sophisticated luxury? Does she love to sweat it out at the gym? All these factors will influence the choice of the watch that will be perfect for her.

For example, if you are buying a watch for a sporty and outdoorsy person, you would not want to settle for a piece that looks dainty and petite. You would want something that is legible in the outside directly under the sun and is resistant to rain. The MK5353 Parker Chronograph, MK5798 Bradshaw Chronograph, and the MK5128 Runway Chronograph are excellent choices for women who love to make a bold fashion statement.

On the other hand, Bridgette Gold MK3792, Cinthia MK3831, Sofie MK4345, and Pyper MK2803 are ideal for those who like to dress down. If you spend a lot of time heading your team, chasing success, and closing deals, these are the subtle but strong statements you will need by your side. The range of formal-looking, classic watches from Michael Kors is expansive, just like the array of sporty and tech-advanced wristwatches.

Choosing the perfect dial size for your MK watch

The next thing you need to decide is whether to pick a large dial that would put Nicki Minaj or Cardi B's accessory collection to shame. Or, to select something delicate, dainty yet prominent. One thing you should consider is the woman's stature while choosing the size of the dial. Big dials go well with thicker wrists. Petite women typically do not feel very comfortable sporting dials larger than 43 mm. for a smaller dial, check out Michael Kors Petite Darci line of watches.
Michael Kors watches for women have plenty of choices with dials within 30 mm. Lately, MK is exploring pop culture and mainstream fashion. Therefore, we expect to see more numbers of big dialed designs. Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph MK5796 is one design that is bold and bears a larger than usual dial size.
The choice of dials also depends significantly on personal preferences. So, if you want to make the correct choice, you should keep an eye out for the different styles of watches she already wears. Pay attention to her accessory collection and see if she likes oversized charms, bracelets, and stacking large rings. These might be signifiers that she likes chunky accessories, and you should consider getting her a large dialed wristwatch from Michael Kors.

Picking a versatile design for a dynamic personality

The next phase of decision making comes when you realize that the person you are shopping for loves partying just as much as outdoor activities, or the person loves chilling with friends just as she loves closing deals with big clients. For a diverse personality, you need a watch that keeps up with their versatility and matches the need of their dynamic lifestyle.
For that, you will need a watch that is unique – you may go with a simple MK watch in a metal casing and braided metal bands. However, wouldn't it be great if you could also opt for a matching leather band/strap as well? Having a matching leather band for an all-metal wristwatch can allow you to switch from a complete formal attire to casual getup within seconds.
MK is an expert in designing watches that fit every occasion with a minute change. Most of the time, changing the straps is enough to redefine the look of the timepiece. While choosing the watch, see if the seller has complementary original Michael Kors leather bands for the wristwatch. It is a thoughtful and personal touch to an otherwise luxurious gift.

Ask for a complementary MK gift box or just buy one!

If you want to go the entire way, you should get a branded box that goes with the watch. Do not have a preconceived idea about the shape, size, and inner lining color of the box. The brand switches up the design of the box just as frequently as their watch collection. However, be sure that all original MK watches come with the warranty booklet inside the box.
Getting the fine silk-lined box in leather is that extra something that makes a gift more special than the others. Interestingly, you can choose a budget design and still survive the audacious move by place the piece in a bespoke gift box from MK.
Choosing the right watch is not the end of the story. Its presentation matters just as much as its beauty and features. You should consider getting a premium box for your MK watch, especially if you are thinking about getting one of the latest designs from the runway.

Make a special gift more special

The ultimate touch of care and love comes with customization. You must be wondering how you can even customize a MK designer watch! Well, if you have the right seller, you can have anything!
The best Michael Kors watch sellers in Singapore will offer to engrave and customize your Michael Kors watch for a couple of extra bucks. Adding the recipient’s name or a special message can immortalize your relationship. It is the one personal touch that will remain long after you move away or lose touch with the person. Every time the recipient takes a look at the watch, she will always remember you fondly.
Engraving is a distinctive touch that completes any gift. While buying any designer item, ask the seller if they have special offers on engraving or bedazzling the piece within a short period.

You should not forget about the warranty details

Only the authentic sellers have the mélange of watches, matching replaceable straps, and the complementary boxes on sale. Moreover, engraving a Michael Kors watch does not diminish its value as a gift. Your seller should still be able to provide you with the authentic invoice for the purchase complete with the warranty paperwork.
The engraving process does not affect the warranty at all. You should always include the warranty details with your gift for the convenience of the recipient. Typically, MK is excellent when it comes to post-sales services. That is the final reason almost all Baby Boomers and Millennials gravitate towards Michael Kors luxury watches during birthdays, anniversaries, valentine's days, and other special occasions.

Closing words

These are just a few tips that will make shopping for a woman's Michael Kors watch easier for you. It is one of the few designer brands that excel in making watches. Therefore, any design you pick will be long-lived, relevant, and easy-to-use. However, you will still need to make considerations for the recipient's taste, aesthetics, lifestyle, and wardrobe choices to buy her the perfect watch.