Man Up

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Think wearing a watch is just a matter of heading to your nearest H2 Hub outlet, handing over the cash, and automatically looking like David Beckham or other famous brand ambassadors? Obviously, that isn’t the case, as any self-respecting gentleman first has to learn the basics of what male timepieces constitute, and at least some basic terminology to get you through any dinner conversation with appreciators and connoisseurs alike.

To start you off on your path towards increased manliness, knowing the difference between an automatic and quartz movement is a must.

Automatic watches are a subset of mechanical watches and comprise an internal set of gears that move the watch hands, which also gives rise to them being known as self-winding watches. For the more technically inclined, it bears mention that automatic watches contain a rotor that moves along with your wrist to “power” the movement.

Quartz watches are powered via electricity from a small battery, which travels through a small quartz crystal and is subsequently converted into vibrations, generating a pulse that moves the second hand. Being reliant on electricity and fewer moving parts than mechanical watches, quartz watches boast higher accuracy and endurance, but lack intricacy and charm.

We’ve even compiled a simple reference guide to outline the pros and cons of both abovementioned watch movements, because there’s nothing sexier than an intelligent man.