Michael Kors: The Fashion Brand and Some Top Options in Watches

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When it comes to wristwatches, the expensive options are plentiful, and there cannot be much debate about their quality too. But not everyone can afford them. They are out of reach for many people. Does it mean they can never experience the pride of owning an exclusive timepiece? Of course, not! Michael Kors is a real alternative to most of those high-end watchmaking brands. MK may not be a niche player in this segment, but its dominance in everything fashionable does endow it with the talent to create a masterpiece of sorts.

It is undeniable that Michael Kors is unmatchable in terms of fashion. When the standards are so high, you can comfortably assume how it would fare in an accessory that doesn't just complement your style and appearance but also has a practical value to serve. The brand already enjoys enormous recognition in the market across the globe. Flaunting the gold logo bearing MK is nothing less than a statement in itself. So, you can imagine what reactions you will get when you wear one on your wrist. And although it's a girl's favorite, men also cannot stay away from its charm. 

Let’s dig into this brand a bit to understand why you don’t need to hold yourself back from buying an MK watch.


Learning about the origin of the brand Michael Kors and its watchmaking journey

As easy to comprehend, the brand is named after its creator Michael Kors, known initially as Karl Anderson Jr. August 9, 1959, is his birthday. He was born in New York to a yesteryear model. When he was five, his mother married Bill Kors, and that was the time when his designing talent came into light as he made his mother's wedding dress. Most of his upbringing happened on NYC's Long Island. He went to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) for education and then set off on the fashion designing journey. His very first women's fashion collection got exposure in Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue stores.

From there on, the brand Michael Kors has covered a long distance with having nearly 555 stores by 2018. In these whole years, it expanded not only its presence but also the line of products, of which wristwatches are comparatively quite a unique proposition. For the design, development, and distribution of this fashion accessory, the company chose another reputed and trustworthy name the Fossil Group in the fall season of 2004. Fossil already has an association with many other well-known companies, though. Anyway, the two companies formalized another partnership stint in 2014 for ten years. Both of them are working towards increasing their footprint in men’s watch segment a bit more.


The reputation of MK watches

Mk is an unrivaled king in fashion, which almost everyone admits. Everything it creates looks luxurious and extraordinary. It is a brand that you would want to sport any and every day in your life. Although it may not have specialization in watches, customers still look forward to its offerings because these have got the desired look, style, and functionality. And the most interesting thing is you don’t have to dish a higher amount to grab one. You get a fashionable timepiece that can blend with any fashion choice and draw all the attention effortlessly.

In essence, the MK watches have such a vast collection of designs, which can appeal to any taste. Even those who believe in keeping everything minimal cannot also take their eyes off the choices.

Hence, one thing is clear that when you wear a Michael Kors watch, you don't need to worry about your overall style. The timepieces can elevate any fashion sensibility with ease. The touch of elegance in all the pieces is another high point. If you are not searching for something from an investment purpose or legacy, then you are probably at the right spot. A combination of superior designs and decent functionality makes it a go-to choice. Plus, the brand is so famous and upscale by itself that you don't have to make any effort from your end when it comes to creating an impression. The eyeballs will automatically be on it.

So, what do you want to do now? There are many choices for both men and women in MK watches. If you desire to add something exciting to your wardrobe, you can get a hint from some options discussed below.



Michael Kors women’s watches

Gold-tone Parker Watch

MK understands a woman’s taste like no other, and it looks evident when you explore its gold-colored Parker range. For example, you can check:

  • Parker Gold Stainless Steel MK6326

  • Parker Rose Gold-Tone Glitz MK5491

  • Parker Chronograph MK6403

  • Parker Rose Gold Glitz Stainless Steel MK5857

If you look at them, you will instantly get pulled to their beautiful crystal-laden bezels and dials, which find their perfect combination with rose gold and gold stainless steel straps. These have a distinctly feminine charm and bold designs that allow you to sport one on any formal occasion with full confidence.



Stainless Steel Ritz Watch

If you need something versatile and casual as well, you can scroll through Michael Kor’s Ritz series. They look fabulous and are everyday wear. Some of the great examples in this series are:

  • Ritz MK5650 Women’s Watch

  • Ritz MK5676 Women’s Watch

  • Ritz MK6077 Women’s Watch

With a mix of a classy and casual look, these watches become an easy pick for any day anytime. The durable stainless-steel strap and water-resistance are their additional highlights. The round dials with crystal-encrusted or textured bezels can sit on any wrist so elegantly that you cannot even imagine.



Colorful Runway Watch

To indulge in a bit of quirkiness with elan, you can run after the Runway collection of this brand. Some of the most coveted choices include:

  • Runway MK5661 Women’s Watch

  • Slim Runway MK3221 Women’s Watch

  • Slim Runway MK4294 Women’s Watch

  • Slim Runway MK3513 Women’s Watch

  • Runway Chronograph MK5128 Women’s Watch

  • Runway Two-Tone MK6594 Women’s Watch

  • Runway Mk5430 Women’s Watch

All of these models have a unique characteristic, whether you look at their dials, bezels, bands, and case. Then, in this range, you arguably encounter the most varied color palette, ranging from pink, black, purple, rose gold, and more. There is a two-tone color option also in one of them, which stands out from the rest for its red body and soft pink bezel. All of them are irresistible for those who want to express their chic side in their signature style.



Michael Kors men’s watches

Lexington Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch

Under this series, you will chance upon some of the best creations by this brand. That’s why perhaps most men hanker after it. Of the different options, you can, for instance, focus on MK8313. The coin edge bezel, the white filled hands, three subdials in the stainless-steel casing sit so elegantly yet retaining its compelling presence. It’s the right choice for any aspirational man, who wants to achieve excellence regardless of where he is on a dinner table or in a business meeting.


Gage Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

A combination of gray case and brown leather band speaks volumes about its masculine features. It looks hip but in a simple way. It is for someone who enjoys subtle classic touches. In truth, it can be an ideal go-to piece for anyone. The chronograph functionality is its added attraction. With this on your wrist, you can switch from a casual to a formal look in a snap.


Dylan Chronograph Rose Gold Stainless Steel Watch

Men who enjoy the union of contemporary and classic can fall for Dylan series, for sure. Of them, the dark blue dial with a polished top ring and rose gold exterior in stainless steel strap deserves particular emphasis. It comes in handy, particularly when you want to display your cool, relaxed, and playful side with style. However, it doesn't mean you cannot wear it on any other occasion.


Bradshaw Stainless Steel Watch

Are you a sports guy? Those who lead an active and exhilarating life may like the Bradshaw Chronograph Watch collection by Michael Kors. The timepieces have got a bold appearance with thick dual-tone bracelets and polished links. The quartz movement and chronograph functionality lend them further strength.  For an experience, you can explore:

  • Bradshaw MK6270 Men’s Watch

  • Bradshaw MK6268 Men’s Watch



Runway Chronograph Watch

For a taste of functionality and fashion, you don’t need to look beyond its runway collection, though. Available in rose gold and silver stainless steel bands, the timepieces with their round dials remind you of the magic of classic and monochrome. These usually have quartz movements with analog display. They also have water resistance. If you like grabbing attention from all the four corners, then these oversized watches can be your ultimate bet. For an experience, you can run your eyes through MK8096, MK3336, and MK8086.

Michael Kors is an undisputable fashion brand, and a touch of its creativity and artistry flows in its watches also. Get one for yourself or gift it to someone special to enjoy its aura.