Rafael Nadal wins US Open 2019

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Congratulations to Nadal who just won the US Open. This is effectively his 19th Grand Slam in his long career.

Nadal has always been a fitness warrior due to his intense playing style and his effective topspin on the clay court. However, it is not impossible to reach this level of fitness with consistency and hard work. Many sportsmen from other sports have also reached high level of fitness through their consistent training and regime. Tennis however, is dubbed as the sports that require that highest level of fitness for all non-contact sports due to the large area you need to cover on the court and the fast-moving yellow balls, or green, whatever floats your boat.

Why most people fail to reach their fitness goals is really because they lack drive and purpose when they are training.

You should set goals for yourself.
You need to monitor your goals.
You need to be consistent.

Setting goals are easy, but monitoring your goals are not. Here are some simple Garmin watches that can really help you out to monitor your performance.

For the Weekend Warrior

For the occasional weekend fitness novice, we recommend the Garmin Vivosmart 3 which sits nicely on the wrist and is easy to use. The price is also very affordable at only $179 SGD retail and you can buy them here.


For the Office Lady who wants to lose her Gut

You work in the office and you hate your guts. You have a lot of motivation to workout a few times a week but need a watch you looks good with your daily office wear, okay great then go for the Garmin Vivomove HR. This not only works as a nice looking analog smart watch but also effectively track your steps and your heart rate. Price is $299 retail and it is available here.


For the Ultimate Fitness Buff who wants to look like Nadal

If you are the ultimate fitness guy who aspires to look like Nadal, much for the biceps (and not for his balding head), you should really go for the new Garmin Fenix 6X . This piece of machine looks like a rock around your wrist but it is also packed with a whip load of functions that can bring you up the mountain or down the valley. You can enjoy your workout in the great outdoors or at the beach. Basically, it is extra functional. Yes, it is a tad expensive but nothing too much for the Singaporean who is going to receive all your pre-election monetary benefits. Better off investing your money in a fitness machine rather than on endless buffets. The price of the Garmin Fenix 6 starts from $929 SGD Retail and it is available here.

Thanks for reading our review and see you soon.

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