Seiko is a collectible watch. This is a fact that all watch lovers around the world will not hesitate to admit because the journey of more than 100 years has turned Seiko into one of the most respected watchmakers in the world. Brands matter most when buying watches because it reflects the other attributes that watch buyers consider important – style, features, and quality. When you choose the Seiko brand, you select a watch that spells high quality no matter whether you buy budget watches, sports watches, dress watches, or collectors' watches. Hundreds and thousands of watches crowd the Seiko catalog, which is massive. It contains diverse styles and designs of watches that suit various purposes and watches that are available for a wide range of price points. 


Seiko watches display the best of Japanese craftsmanship coupled with designs rooted in the Japanese culture. The emergence of the Grand Seiko brand signaled the beginning of the high popularity of Japanese movements that culminated in the heart-winning performance of Seiko 5 watches, which has brought high-end watches within reach of people who had always wanted it but could not afford. Yes, Seiko 5 ranges of watches are stylish and highly functional that can fulfill the dreams of millions of watch lovers who want to own affordable high-end watches. 

Seiko 5 watches are for all


These watches are available in a wide price range with assured quality that only Seiko can deliver. It begins with budget watches available between $50 and $150 that has the most extensive collection. Next comes the mid-range of $500 watches like the extremely popular 'Cocktail Time' SARB065 and the beautiful 'Alpinist' SARB017. The high-end range of Seiko 5s will be within your reach if you have a budget of thousands of dollars. Interestingly, you can find the most popular wristwatches ever made when browsing through the Seiko catalog.

The significance of five in Seiko 5


What to expect from Seiko 5 watches will become clear if you know the significance of the number associated with the name. The suffix 5 in the name points to five distinctive traits of the brand that underscores the superiority of the products.

  • All watches have automatic movements manufactured in-house, which is a hallmark Seiko.
  • The watches have excellent water resistance that suits a wide range of sporting activities.
  • A shining crown at 4 o’clock is the unique identification mark of the watches.
  • All watches have a day/date window.
  • All watches have a durable case with a strap or bracelet.

Seiko packs all these features into the watches for a price that is attractive for younger people who are die-hard fans. The design of Seiko 5 watches revolves around accessibility, and the watch appealed highly to the young audience of the 60s who were waiting just for a watch like it.

Now, let us look in detail what makes Seiko 5 so much appealing and popular among timepieces belonging to the same category.

Excellent hardware


The price of Seiko 5 watches might make you skeptical because when you are spending as little as $150, there is reason to be apprehensive about the quality of materials. But with Seiko, you will be proved wrong because for the watchmaker quality rules supreme in watches regardless of its price. Seiko knows best how to assure quality without allowing the cost to have any adverse effect on it. Every Seiko timepiece is of the best quality in terms of functionality, and you get the design that you pay for. High-grade steel is used for the metallic portions of watches backed by useful complications and a reliable automatic movement. The movement is perhaps the most impressive feature as its functions are much beyond the price range. While other brands would offer you conventional quartz watches at this price, Seiko delivers in-house movements that are excellent.

Wide range of styles and looks


Every piece of a Seiko watch is aesthetically superior to most of its peers belonging to other brands, and the wide-ranging aesthetic versatility is truly unmatched. You cannot stop loving Seiko 5. Seiko SKN805 is perhaps the most popular in the range. The super small watches with a case of 37 mm x 11 mm weigh only 2 ounces, which is so light that you can do sports by wearing it or carry it conveniently.  The sporty and relaxed looks suit less formal occasions, and you can wear it anywhere and everywhere where you can stay informal. The classy dress watch SNKL23K1 is at the other end of the spectrum that you can wear at luxury events. This trend exemplifies that you can enjoy a reliable Seiko in-house movement in all kinds of watches.

Popular models



 This classy dress watch has everything that you would expect from a dress watch. The watch looks exquisite with its white dial, which seems exclusively made for the simple silver case with a subdued appeal, which spells class. The design will never draw attention loudly, but it will also not fail in making others take note of it.  The aesthetics blend elegantly with the functionality of the movements inside, and you have a watch that conveys incredible value.

SRPC67K1 The Resilient Diver 


Your search for a diver watch ends when you lay your hands on this model nicknamed Seiko Sea Urchin, which is even suitable for those who want a tougher timepiece. The looks that replicate the Submariner belie its price because it looks more expensive than it is.  That feeling is an indicator that it is a smart pick. The simple style with a reliable movement and versatile functions makes it a very appealing watch.

SNZG09K1 The functional filed watch


 Perhaps the most popular model in the Seiko 5 range, the SNZG09K1, is good looking and well-built, backed by thousands of reviews that talk about its quality. It is like a chameleon as you can customize the coloring if you wish. The green aesthetic of SNZG09K1 resounds the eco-friendly appeal, but you can choose other colors that are equally good in value.

Affordability is key to Seiko’s wide acceptability as anyone can buy a watch of assured quality without breaking the bank.