Seiko Presage: Exploring the Cocktail Time and More for Those Who Love This Brand

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There can be people who admire Seiko yet don't aspire to have one. They would call it a beautiful, decent quartz watch—something you can buy for a price, neither too low nor too high. But there is another group of people also, who love this brand. They have a fair idea of what it stands for. For them, the brand is synonymous with excellent mechanical movements, great designs, low prices, and many such things. However, with the addition of Cocktail edition to Presage, it has given them one more reason to stick with their decision. With this collection, the Seiko fans also get to enjoy the allure of the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM).

Even though the JDM factor is not an exclusive trait of Seiko, you can't still stop gushing about this phenomenon. Japanese cars, video games, menswear, and everything else have earned a name for themselves. So, when Presage Cocktail watches allow you to bask in the true Japanese charm, you cannot keep calm. In Cocktail watches, the Cocktail Time is one such example. Let's get more insights into the Presage Cocktail Time model first.

Seiko Presage: The Cocktail Time watch model

The original Cocktail Time came into the market in 2010 in partnership with an innovative Japanese bartender and mixologist, named Shinobu Ishigaki. The theme served as a reminder of ritzy alcoholic beverages and urban bar scenes. The guilloche dial had a perfect look to do justice to the purpose. It gained a lot of attention and was a huge hit among people. 

It is almost a decade now since then, and Cocktail Time is available in Seiko’s Presage line of products. Presage is considerably new in the market. The Cocktail Time has undergone some beautifications, but those are minor changes only. The font in the dial can be different; the crown can be a bit changed, and so on. However, it still has the same vibe as the one that caught everybody’s fascination in the previous decade. The austerity of some of the dress watches steals their charm, making them dull looking. But the Cocktail Time looks alive and attractive.

If you closely watch the dial, you will realize that its hour indices and hands have a sharp and slanted appearance. They are in tune with the overall shape and design of the dial. The dimension of the dial is 40.5mm, which is not too big or too small for a wrist. Most of the wearers can find it comfortable on their wrist in terms of the size. Also, its thickness can be 11.8mm or so, which is again slim. And whatever thickness the dial has, it is owing to its domed crystal. Otherwise, the watch is thin. 

While everything is in place, one thing that can still bother you about this watch is its polished strap. It may not match everyone's sensibilities or tastes. However, if you, too, feel this is problematic, you can replace it with something else. A subtle leather, suede, or steel mesh band can give it the desired touch.

The watch is equipped with a 4R35 automatic movement, which is better than even Seiko 5. In essence, you can expect this simple and practical watch to do its magic on everybody around you when you sport it. 

You can buy many other types of dress watches from other brands for the price at which you get this particular model. But the Cocktail Time has something unique. The vivid design and exclusive character make it a prized possession. Earlier, it may have been like forbidden fruit, but the easy availability in today's time allows you to own it completely. Its peculiarity is its strength and a reason why you should not hesitate to pay for it.

Cocktail Time Mockingbird Green SRPD37J1 Men's Watch

Icy blue was the color in the original Cocktail Time. The new version comes in mockingbird green. If you don't want to go with the regular option, then choosing a green one makes a perfect sense.

The watch dial in this hue looks even more mesmerizing. And when light falls upon it, you will not be able to hold your excitement. The dial when sunrays hit it looks incredible. From forest green to emerald green, you can expect this single color to change its tone due to the play of the light. The second hand, font, and the Presage Automatic font are in silver tone. It gives your eyes a nice break from the green background. The dial appears to be more enigmatic. The attached leather strap with stainless steel case feels more vintage style.

If you want to avoid a bold look and have something easy to wear, then it can be the right choice to pick. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it on formal occasions. It can suit any mood and vibe effortlessly, whether casual or formal. Here you can look at some of its specific features at one go.

Features of the Cocktail Time model

  • Stainless-steel case
  • Polished strap with a buckle clasp to ensure security on the wrist
  • Display date at the 3 o'clock index
  • Water Resistance 50m suitable for everyday wear, showering, bathing, fishing, and other water-related work among others
  • Hardlex crystal lens for greater scratch and shatter resistance
  • Manufacturer warranty, a reassurance of quality
  • 4R35 automatic movement
  • Three hands and indexes

Seiko Presage: More options in Cocktail models

Another impressive Cocktail style watch is Seiko Presage Automatic Power Reserve Black Cat Martini SSA393J1 Men's Watch.

If you are aware, the Japanese garden is an integral part of Japanese culture. People adore and respect it. And this specific Cocktail model takes inspiration from it. The dial reflects the richness and depth of a Zen garden, where the gravels create a scene of waves or water ripples. The deep patterns in the dial create a dramatic play of shadows due to such designs. However, the design still leans towards minimalism, a characteristic of any serene garden. When you look at the dial, you get the sense of uncluttered space and freedom. The hour hands and indices are also set in a way that you don't need to strain your eyes.

To be more precise, this particular Cocktail model has a stainless steel 40.5mm case, which is, as mentioned, neither too far oversized nor undersized. It can sit beautifully on any wrist. The fixed bezel, minimalistic dial, and scratch-proof hardlex crystal are some of its strengths. The leather band gives it a classic look and a contemporary touch with a buckle locking system.

In SSA393J1, you get automatic movement with the second, minute, hour, and date functions. The water-resistance of this watch is up to 50 meters. It means you can comfortably wear it whether you want to go for shallow swimming, showering, or bathing. It may not be ideal for diving and snorkeling type of activities, though.

If you want to expand your watch collection, you cannot stay away from a timepiece like this, for sure. Nevertheless, you may still want to decide because there is a Cocktail Time edition too within the same line. That can be a strong competitor.

Apart from these two, you get one more option in the form of SSA387J1 Men's Brown Leather Strap Watch in the Cocktail collection. The champagne brown color of the dial makes it classy, luxurious, and irresistible. It does have an old-fashioned look, but the choice of stainless-steel case color and brown leather adds a twist. The touch of sophistication is so evident that you cannot turn your eyes from it. It, too, inherits common Presage properties, such as 40.5mm dial diameter, 50m water resistance, automatic movement, power reserve, three hands functions, Hardlex cover, and so on. There is an international warranty for one year also.

If you sit back and look at these three Cocktail varieties from close, you will realize that they cover both everyday use and formal wear needs. These are versatile choices in terms of being able to match any fashion sensibility with ease and providing wearer enough freedom to carry on with regular recreational habits. The Hardlex glass material, which is typical of Seiko, makes them a tough choice by increasing their scratch and shatter resistance. The dials in green, champagne brown and black colors also make it clear that you can match them with any outfit with ease. These shades can blend with any other tones effortlessly.

Seiko can be a nice fashion watch brand, but when you go through the Presage collection, you realize it is more than this. Seiko Presage has many gems, of which Cocktail is one example. For a fair idea of what you should expect from this line of product, you need to check the entire range once. The different series will introduce you to all the unique styles and their strengths. Since the prices are affordable, you should not face any challenge with the budget. Seiko is for everyone who values craftsmanship, quality, and price. So, what are you waiting to do now?