Shopping for Casio Watches in Singapore? Here are five Casio Watches you should know about!

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For many of us, Casio holds a sentimental value that no other watch company can match. Many of our first watches were the square-ish or rectangular dialed, entirely black bands or gold cased, backlit Casios that our friends fawned over at the playgrounds and in school. The brand name brings back entre albums of treasured memories for Baby Boomers as well as millennials.

Casio is one of the few old-school watch brands that have both sentimental and resale value in the market. So, whether you are thinking about investing in a new range Casio G Shock or selling your old analog Casio, this is the right time for it. Casio has strengthened its boyhood appeal by supplementing its watches with the latest tech. Waterproofing comes without asking for most of the new range watches. Moreover, the activewear range comes with heart rate monitor, steps counter, calorie counter, and much more.Which watch collections should you check out at Casio Singapore?Casio is an investment for a nouveau collector as well as a seasoned veteran. Whether you want to begin wearing watches or just add another branded piece to your expansive collection; Casio is the right name for you. Here are five brands from the house of Casio that justify our never-ending love for the brand and its designs –

The Casio G-shock
The Casio G-shock is a watch that is already 35 years old. It began as a simple endeavor to capture the younger markets by packing a bucket load of available tech more than three decades back. Right now, the flagship model of G-Shock comes with sapphire glass crystal glass, resin case and strap, quartz movement, GPS tracking, water resistance, and radio-controlled hybrid-system timekeeping for accuracy. It is a watch for all athletes and outdoors enthusiast who doesn't want to be late for the best things in life.
Since 1983, G-Shock has evolved to become water-resistant up to 10 bar, shock resistant, drop-resistant up to 10 meters, and it has 10-year battery life. It lasts longer than most electronics items, including the average MacBook! It is the investment of a lifetime. These advanced features make the Casio G-shock the perfect collector's item as well as a daily wear watch.
You can turn your lifestyle around by investing in a genuine Casio G-Shock watch. Plan your calorie consumption, workout sessions, repetition, and intensity plan the type and time of outdoor activities, or set timers for working out each day between work sessions at the desktop. It is a smart investment for the Casio-lover, who cares for his or her health as much as he or she cares for fashion.
Although Singapore is replete with Casio sellers, it is imperative to purchase from an authentic seller. You should get your warranty card and certificate of authenticity along with the receipt for the item whether you are buying online or offline.

The Baby G
Casio Baby G was the ultimate tribute to the YOLO lifestyle and swag millennials swear by. The lively colors and bubbly packaging make Baby G a huge hit among young adults and teenagers across the globe. It is a hugely popular range for birthday gifts for teens and tweens in Singapore.
The Baby G 110CR-7A comes with a unique transparent bezel, strap, and band. It steers clear of the negative display, and it is something fresh that is entirely unseen in contemporary competing watch brands. The Baby G models available in the official Casio Singapore stores are up to 100 meters waterproof, and they can withstand shocks and falls of up to 10 meters. The dual analog and digital display make it easy to tell time irrespective of your activity of choice.
The Baby G market blew up as soon as the world saw one on Justin Bieber's wrist during his recent Instagram post. It opened up the Gen Z market to Casio Baby G. it is an utterly understated range of smartwatches that provides the user with accurate time, GPS tracking, and vibration protection and contributes to everyday sports and activities.

Casio Edifice
The Edifice is the watch for excellence. Whether you are currently the manager or leader of a team, or you aspire to be one someday, the Casio Edifice will help you dress like it. In Singapore, it is a highly-trusted professional watch line that provides all Casio customers with the opportunity to dress fashionably yet formally.
Models like the Casio Edifice EFV-540DC combine the best of all features of Casio watches. The leading models of this range include features like stainless steel case and band, analog dial, water, and sweat resistance and an extended warranty of two years from the manufacturer.
Edifice is a sign of sophistication in any profession. The designs are unique yet traditional enough to blend in with the rest of your formal wear. Most Casio Singapore stores stock up on Edifice watches for men only. However, the tasteful gold and rose gold combination of some men’s watches do make them suitable as unisex accessories for the bold Gen Z and fashion-savvy millennials.

Casio Sheen
Casio has designed some of the most bespoke designs for women in the world of watches. Casio Sheen is a line of watch the features an elegant design, premium quality, and smart features. It is a dainty packaging of every tech and app the modern woman can need to reach the very top.
The range of metal-finish watches is most prevalent in Singapore as birthday gifts for adults and anniversary gifts for couples. The elegant gold or rose gold cases and bands, complete with traditional analog dials make the Sheen watches quite ideal for a mature crowd with sophisticated taste. You can also check out their exclusively silver watches collection. Are you looking for something more daring and trending? Do not forget to check out the enticer in Swarovski crystals and rhinestone-studded bezel from Sheen!
Casio Sheen is ideal for women of every profession. Whether you are thinking about getting a gift for your mom or your boss, you can purchase from the latest line of Casio Sheen watches. It has become one of Casio's bestselling watches of all time. The Sheen is a line that finds a place in every collector's wardrobe and every woman's wrist. Most importantly, embossing or engraving on a Casio Sheen can get you the perfect smile from your significant other. You have been waiting for!
Casio – The Traditional Basics
The basic one and only Casio brand have been around since the 80s. Even after introducing G-Shock and Baby G to the market successfully, Casio retains a loyal consumer base for its original collection of non-smart, smartwatches. Its market is so vast and varied that even Steve Jobs had donned one on the early days of Apple IPO conferences.
The traditional Casio watches come with larger dials, backlights, LCD dual functions (analog and digital), and other additional features. The newest features of Casio watches also include Pro Trek, Pathfinder apps, Wave Ceptor apps, and radio waves based on atomic shock technology to tell time. It is not challenging to locate a dealer of Casio in any part of the world. That makes the task of the collector to find an authorized dealer much trickier than usual.
When you purchase a traditional Casio model, you should receive a 2-years manufacturer's warranty along with the receipt and a certification of authenticity. Casio is a trusted name in all kinds of watches, and if you get the chance to purchase a Casio classic, go ahead and bring it home. However, don't forget to verify its origin and genuineness before exchanging ownership.
Casio has been designing watches for boys, girls, men, and women for more than four decades. It is one of the oldest Japanese companies that make reliable yet affordable wristwatches for a global market. The fashion and trends in Singapore have always preceded the rest of the world. It is only justified to search for a watch that complements the rest of your wardrobe for fun or work.
When choosing a Casio for regular formal wardrobe, or outdoor adventures, do not forget to check the reviews and ratings of the models. The detailed reviews are available for almost every G-Shock, Baby-Shock, Sheen, and Edifice model online. You can estimate what to expect from each after going through the details mentioned in these reviews. Most Casio seller sites operating in Singapore have dedicated reviews sections, where you can learn about the experience of the buyers. If you are going to invest in a high-end G-shock or Edifice, checking the ratings and reviews is an excellent idea before purchasing.
Typically, Casio watches have a long lifespan. It is not uncommon for the younger generation to receive Casio watches as vintage or hand-me-down gifts from the older generation. The typical basic Casio watch can outlive any smartwatch with its average lifespan of almost 10-years. However, it is a feature niche to only original Casio watches. Therefore, verify the authenticity of any Casio watch you receive or buy before you fall in love with it.