Everyone knows what an MK brand means. Whether you talk about its clothing or fashion accessories, the designer label can effortlessly leave its imprint on anything. And when it comes to watches, you cannot have any doubts about it either. Wearing an MK watch is nothing short of a fashion statement that only a few can afford. It can be affordable compared to the mainstream models, but it gives you a feeling of pride when you flaunt one on your wrist because no matter who is around you, it is going to get noticed. After all, MK is famous, and in the fashion industry, it has a monopoly.

From designs to innovations to techniques, it uses a mix of everything to offer you something advanced and progressive. One of the best ways to experience this is to indulge in its watches. Shopping for a watch can be an exciting expedition for many people as it has become an integral part of everyone's fashion today. Whether you prefer a subtle or a bold signature, it can be your go-to companion for any style and looks. However, to acquire the best appearance, you need to pick the right one as per your dressing sense and comfort.

One of the elements that can have a massive impact on the overall feel of the watch is its strap. Before you check the MK collection, just brush up your knowledge about certain varieties so that you pick the perfect option for your loved one or yourself.

Common strap styles and choices to consider in a Michael Kors watch

The trims and textures matter a lot when it comes to showcasing your carefree side. A well-pressed and fitting cloth, nice pair of shoes and belts, and everything else decides the impact of your ensemble. You cannot even take accouterments for granted because anything that peeks out is bound to attract attention. It is obvious now why even a watch strap needs your careful consideration. Many believe that it is only an embellishment, and hence, one doesn’t have to be so meticulous with a particular choice. But they forget that it is also a component of comfort and style on which your ticker rests peacefully.

So, here is a quick look at some of the standard strap materials that you usually come across in the market.

Leather bands

Do you have any crucial professional commitment to attend to or any unique dress code to follow at a corporate meeting? You don't need to look beyond a leather band. Leather watch straps can provide you with their gentle caress while you keep busy. These straps can be the staple choice for most of the outfits that you plan to don. Some of the standard color options you get in this include black, brown, or tan. No matter when and where you wear a leather watch on your wrist, it can make you feel instantly prestigious.  From jackets to blazers to coats, it can become anyone's trusted partner in the blink of the eyes.

Like other brands, MK also offers scores of options in this material, of which these are only a few examples:

  • Michael Kors Parker MK2297 & MK5633 Women’s Watch
  • Michael Kors Maci MK2833 Women’s Watch
  • Michael Kors Pyper MK2845 & MK2749 Women’s Watch
  • Michael Kors Lexington MK2810 Women’s Watch
  • Michael Kors Courtney MK2718 Women’s Watch
  • Michael Kors Cinthia Gold Tone MK2712 Women’s Watch

Stainless steel bracelets

It is again a no surprise choice as stainless steel is equally popular with watch lovers. Stainless steel bracelets have evolved. Earlier, this material didn't get much approval from people for being nefariously hard and pricey. Those who bought it also treated it more like a tool, a practical item. But with time, the improvement in design and texture has turned it into one of the most sought-after timepieces today. When you wear it with your sleeves rolled up, you look so naturally important that everyone starts paying respect and attention to you. 

It will not be an exaggeration to say that the steel watch has the power to look like a status icon. No matter what social occasion you have to attend, you can rely on it to deliver performance. When you go to buy a Michael Kors watch in stainless steel strap, you feel overwhelmed by the varieties. Here are some excellent timepieces in this model for you to explore.

  • Michael Kors Bradshaw MK6268 Men’s Watch
  • Michael Kors Darci MK3439 Women’s Watch
  • Michael Kors Lexington MK8561 & MK8313 Men’s Watch
  • Michael Kors Wren MK6096 Women’s Watch
  • Michael Kors Parker MK6263 Women’s Watch
  • Michael Kors Slim Runway MK3221 Women’s Watch

Mesh charm

Mesh-style straps may not look practical, but their exclusive design makes them presentable in a certain way. These feel supple around your wrist while maintaining their position like any metal or leather strap. You can don one to bask in the medieval feel. When you wear it, you don't feel any type of tightness because this design is quite breathable. Another plus with them is their scratch-resistance. Metal bracelets with wider links can reflect scratch marks easily. However, you don't have to worry about this when you choose a mesh strap. Then, it is light-weight too. Some of the mesh watches in MK include:

  • Michael Kors Pyper MK4340 Women’s Watch
  • Michael Kors Pyper MK4339 Women’s Watch

Other than them, you can also look forward to rubber material. It is the correct choice for hobbyists. This type of strap is well-known for its straightforward look. Often, it uses silicone or such other elements to acquire a high-end appearance. If you need a waterproof belt, then it can be your best bet. It is for rough-and-tough use. And what is even more fascinating about this style is that you can replace it easily.

Factors to consider when choosing a watch strap

Watch strap is undoubtedly one of the prominent features that everyone gets to notice first. However, you cannot select the right option in it without assessing its influence in combination with other elements of the watch. When you shop for an MK wristwatch, keep this factor in mind. Here are some tips that can give you further clarity about this point.

Match with the dial

Dial tends to be the highlight of any timepiece, and no watch lover can deny it. So, if you like a particular strap, make sure that you compare it with the color of the dial also to complete the whole look. Usually, white or silver dials do well with dark green, dark blue, brown, and gray palettes. For a blue dial, a strap with medium gray, any brownish hue, or a black tone can be the perfect partner. Green dials are an excellent match for cream, gray, brown, and tan colored straps. And if you pick a black dial, blue, brown, and light gray straps can be the ideal matches.

Compare it with the watch case

If you notice, most stainless steel cases go well with a strap that dons dark blue, gray, and a variety of brown shades. With a dark blue band, a stainless steel case creates a naturally attractive look. A significant example of this is the sight of the blue sky with specks of white clouds. Since this combination already exists in nature, you tend to feel drawn to it.

When it comes to the combination of stainless steel and brown, you can instantly identify that these two are so opposite of one another. But in this matter, you can say that opposite attracts. Brown exhibits warmth, and steel feels cool. A blend of these two somewhere introduces a unique balance between the two extremes. However, whether you should choose a darker or a lighter shade of brown strap depends on the color of the dial.

As far as the combination of stainless steel case and the gray-colored strap goes, you can indulge in this choice to enjoy a monochromatic charm. Just make sure you take the color of the dial also into account before picking something right away.

Similarly, if the case is gold, black or red strap can make an impressive selection. These combinations express luxury and boldness. Hence, it doesn't matter what you choose. Whatever you buy out of these two, you can expect to enjoy a highly luxurious look.

When you browse all the varieties in MK watches, you are sure to witness a lot of these and other combinations. Regardless of what you like, you just have to take care that you feel comfortable with a specific choice. If you think stainless steel strap is perfect for your personality, you can see all the designs and options in this material. Or, if you believe leather is your type, don’t hesitate to explore it even though you own a couple of them already. And since it is not any regular brand, you can expect its designs to merge with your individuality the way you prefer.