The Seiko Prospex is a worthy addition to your watch collection treasury

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People choose watches based on their personality and behavioral traits! Going by that logic, if you love the adrenaline rush and want to get engaged in sports, the best watch for you is the Seiko Prospex. If you are not aware of this watch variant, you must know that it’s one of the best watch variants that Seiko boasts of. The term "Prospex" indicates Professional Specifications, and it's Seiko's answer to the global demand for stunning, leading-edge sports watches. These are watches that allow people to be in air, land, and various water advantages.

Over the years, the brand, i.e., Seiko, has gained many accolades for its inventions. One of them is to come up with the very first automatic chronograph that got equipped with a column wheel and the vertical clutch. It happens to be a six-digit LCD quartz watch model, one of its first kinds in the world. That's not all! You can count on the EPD and the E-link watch as well. However, when it comes to the Seiko Prospex, the brand reflects advanced Japanese innovation and craftsmanship in excellent watchmaking. If you belong to the watch collecting community, you would certainly want to bring this watch model home.

The Seiko Prospex watches – Let's delve into the history briefly.

There’s more to Seiko Prospex than referring to its professional specifications. The watch brand, as well as the variants, presents all the professionals a scope to select the best from its other remarkable options. Irrespective of whether you love Seiko watches or not, it's tough to be able to resist yourself from these top-notch quality timepieces. The design, make, and the engineering will appeal to you, and you will browse the multiple variants available for you to choose from. But before that, learning about this brand's history will make you truly own this watch as a watch enthusiast or watch lover.

Let’s get back to the 1960s! It’s the time when scuba diving was becoming popular amongst many sports lovers. Divers globally use to plan their scuba diving vacations in advance. And this enables the watchmaking brands to pool in their best talents and come up with fascinating watch variants. The market started to get filled with dive watches. And the majority of the watch brands wanted to make sure that they are designing and manufacturing the best products.

And when it came to Seiko, the brand released its 6217-diver watch in 1965. The advanced and desirable model had paved the path for the latest dive watch models. And Seiko itself has been designing and releasing multiple sport watch variants, which comprise of the reasonably priced quartz movements which come with advanced automatics as well. Sometimes, watch lovers equate this with Seiko’s mechanical watch variants. It’s essential to know that both are different.

The watches were known for its exquisite design! It looks lavish and often gets compared to the globally acclaimed luxury watches that used to top the charts always. The Seiko Prospex watch gained popularity for its leading-edge technology and chic look. And there’s more to the watch than being a dive watch variant. You can have access to multiple precision watch variants that is designed for various professions. Right from digital to analog and quartz and automatic, when it comes to Seiko, you will have plenty of options to browse and choose from. And at times, you might face the problem of plenty!

Hence, if you’re in a hurry, refrain from shopping! Also, refrain from shopping and making a purchase, if you don’t know what the Seiko Prospex has to offer you. Take time to learn about the product offering, as that will help you to make a wise purchasing decision.

Reasons to purchase this watch variant

Today, you will come across several sub-brands that represent the multiple watch types! However, if you've loved watches that appeal to your love for adventure and looks trendy, sporty, you need to zero down on the Seiko Prospex, without a doubt. Take a look at the popular Official Trailer of IAAF World Championship at the Games of 25th Olympiad World. You will get to know that Seiko always had a rock-solid track record which proves its stunning capacities and reflects its high-end features.

One of the crucial reasons to invest in this watch variant is because it's one of its kind! The watch model series has been challenging every limit set, with its stunning collection of exclusive timepieces. It gets designed and manufactured for sports lovers, adventure seekers, and the ones who like to challenge themselves, regardless of whether they are on water or land. From the time when the brand launched the very first diver watches in Japan, Seiko became famous for its global standards and advanced technology in watchmaking!

Are you wondering about Seiko Prospex’s unique features? If yes, then it’s essential to know that the watch variant is perfect for recreational and professional divers. It also caters to all the requirements of the water sports and adventure enthusiasts. The watch is all about a robust and sturdy build that can withstand various water depths, climatic changes, temperature extremes, and the like. The Seiko Prospex gets designed in a way that will make it last for several decades in the forthcoming years. It's unique, durable, and reflects advanced watchmaking techniques, that you will be proud to pass from one generation to the next.

The watch and its cost

As a brand, Seiko has been designing and manufacturing watch models that provide ample value for money. You can have access to it in multiple price range. You can select from the reasonably priced quartz watches, which will cost you around $100. Additionally, you can also choose from other stunning and exquisite collections, which will cost you over $10,000. So, you need to plan according to your preference, savings, and current wallet-size. As there's something for every watch enthusiast to browse and choose from.

The stunning collections to choose from

The Seiko Prospex collection allows watch lovers to browse through the watch variants carefully and choose one that complements their style. The two popular collections that have been incredibly popular are:

  1. The Seiko Prospex Turtle range

It is one of the best automatic dive watch collection that got the name “Turtle” collection, mostly because of the case shape! And considering the stunning blend of exceptional quality and unique heritage, and its affordable price, the Turtle collection is undoubtedly here to say, as it has created a name and market for itself.

When it comes to the movement and specs, the watch comprises of its 14-jewel automatic movement, which gets termed as 4R36. Most watch enthusiasts get impressed with the stunning date display feature, the unique markers, and the luminous hands. The watch variant also includes Lumibrite for added power, which contributes to the reduced light visibility. When it comes to the watch bezel, it’s unidirectional and has a screw-down back case. Also, its lug width is close to 22mm, which makes it completely comfortable. Last but not least, this Seiko Prospex collection is known for its stainless-steel bracelet, which effectively double locks and comprises of the diver's extension so that it's easy to use.

  1. The Seiko Prospex Street range

Watch lovers have their names, for their favorite watch variant! And when it comes to the Seiko Street Series collection, watch lovers have found the configuration as one of the impressive aspects of this collection. Akin to the submariner collection from the top-notch and luxury watch brands, this collection will be an exclusive addition for watch enthusiasts, who love to add to their watch treasury. The watch comes with a 600-meter water resistance capacity and is a stunning example of a diver’s watch.

In terms of the movements and the specs, the powerhouse behind it is none other than the Seiko in-house movement, which gets termed as the Seiko in-house caliber V157. The watch comprises of a stunning power reserve for about ten months, after a complete charge. And that is something that makes this watch ranges a coveted collection, for several watch lovers. In term of color options, you can choose from the blue, camo green, and the grey variants that come with a smart silicone strap.

Is it meant for you?

Most watch lovers end up asking this question, as they study and develop an affinity for a watch variant. So, to answer this question keeping in mind the Seiko Prospex, here’s how you decide – Do you love adventure sports, water sports, and swimming? Do you want to beat the majority of the odds? If yes, then surprisingly, this watch is what you need. It gets specially designed for people who love to take part in sports of all kinds. Equipped with this watch, you can challenge most physical limits.

It makes a stunning addition to your collection! If you need some more push to bag the Seiko Prospex watch variants, then you should look at the celebrities who are associated with the brand. It includes names like Sigourney Weaver and Arnold Schwarzenegger as well. So, go ahead and get one for yourself once the global lockdown is over.