A New Modern Classic 



Tissot is a brand that needs no introduction, being around since 1853. The brand is only half a decade younger than industry giant Omega and over half a century older than Rolex. Heritage isn’t something that Tissot needs to fake. While calling themselves ‘innovators of tradition’ may sound like a bold claim, it is actually a claim with proper backing. Having made watches for over a century and a half, it’s safe to say that the brand has gotten pretty damn good at making them. And with advancements in technology in the modern era, the brand has also embraced modern technology and infused it in its creations. Whether it’s in the form of the incredible and functional T-touch series or its newest Silicium escapement for its Powermatic 80 calibers, or even its quartz powered perpetual calendars, Tissot is a brand that always looks forward in its creations, while never forgetting its illustrious heritage too. With such an extensive history, it should be expected that Tissot’s catalogue is full of iconic timepieces and it is.



For those looking to add a Tissot into their collection, simply browse through their catalogue and you will find that it is inhabited by some of the nicest affordable luxury watches that money can buy today. That brings us to our subject of the day: The Tissot PRX 40 205 Powermatic 80. Unarguably one of the most anticipated and much more desirable  release from the brand since the release of the quartz powered PRX40 205 earlier this year. Purists have been waiting for a mechanical version to be released and here it is. Oozing 1970s charm with its integrated bracelet design, harking back to the angular and industrial sports watches of the era popularized by watches like the Royal Oak and Nautilus.



With only 3 hands and the date, packed in a nicely svelte 40mm tonneau shaped case, paired with a neatly designed angular integrated bracelet, it is an iconic and timeless design that looked ahead of its time in the 70s and still is timeless today even after half a century.

It may look and sound the part of a luxury Swiss-made sports watch but it certainly isn’t priced like one. And that is the best part about this fantastic watch: it costs only $510. Let that sink in for a moment; a Swiss made stainless steel sports watch with an integrated bracelet that’s finished beautifully, sized nicely and is made by one of the best affordable Swiss watchmakers in the market, what’s the catch?



Well, none this time. If you couldn't already tell from the name, Tissot finally gave the PRX the movement we've all been waiting for; The automatic Powermatic 80 movement. What was one of the most divisive factor of the earlier PRX  mode, the quartz movement has now been replaced by Tissot's flagship mechanical movement. Now, even the most advent mechanical purist can finally have his/her cake and eat it with the new PRX Automatic. With Tissot casing that modern mechanical movement in a case design that harks back to the era is the perfect vintage throwback to a substantial turning point of Swiss luxury watchmaking, at an incredibly competitive price.



While you could argue that it’ll be more appropriate to give a watch that was designed after these luxury sports watches a mechanical movement, and you’d probably be right. I for one think that it’s what gives the PRX the charm and character that it has. Honestly, what really makes this PRX work for me, and for everyone else who loves it is the price. Costing less than the equivalent Seiko Prospex, or Presage, and even less than most fashion watches out there. The Tissot PRX might be the best wallet friendly enthusiast’s timepiece to come out of Switzerland since the Oris Diver’s 65.



If you were part of the crowd who saw the PRX 40 and thought to yourself: I'll get one when it's mechanical. Your prayers have finally been answered with the PRX 40 Powermatic 80. Powered by the trialled and tested Powermatic 80 movement, it’ll easily scratch that itch that mechanical enthusiasts have for a watch like this. What Tissot is offering with the PRX 40 can probably be compared to another fellow affordable luxury stainless-steel sports watch: The Maurice Lacroix Aikon. While the Aikon may be more than twice the price of the PRX Powermatic 80, it’s a lot more intricately finished, and for the price, it’s the best in its class too.



The PRX is the equivalent ‘Aikon’ for a significantly lower price bracket, yet still offering the same type of wearing experience and build quality as well. If you’ve been snooping around for a Royal Oak/Nautilus homage, or just an affordable stainless-steel sports watch with an integrated bracelet, the PRX 40 is gonna be your best bet.