Motorsports has inspired collections of racing-inspired models by watch manufacturers for many years, and Tissot is no exception. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie who loves nothing more than being out in the wild, or whether you prefer an evening spent with a book and a cup of coffee, there is a side to Tissot that appeals to everyone. The sporty design of the Tissot T-Race collection looks great in any setting.

Generally, the watches in this collection are curated with a unique appearance. The bezel resembles a motorbike tire, and the subdials are closely similar to motorcycles too. Moreover, there is a magnifying feature in the date display for better readability. They are water-resistant for up to 330 feet, and it’s pretty comfortable to wear despite their immense size.

With different variations in this collection, it's easy to be overwhelmed, so let’s check a few models below for a brief review.

Tissot T1154173705100 T-Race Men’s Watch

First on the list is the Tissot T1154173705100 T-Race Men’s Watch. It is a beautiful black stealthy piece that showcases its elegant rose gold embellishments. Its round case is made up of 316L stainless steel, and its face is protected by a scratch-proof Sapphire crystal, making the piece durable and reliable. The lugs are perfectly curved to have that ease and comfort while looking fresh and bold.

Overall, the watch has a cool aura. Perfect for the modern gentleman with a mysterious personality. It can be added to any wardrobe and be an accessory for any occasion.

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Tissot T1154172701100 T-Race Chronograph Men’s Watch

When it comes to attention, this watch will grab it all. It features a white dial with black accents, plus a well-complemented red seconds hand. It has a sporty and comfortable silicone strap with a deployment clasp for easy adjustment. It is robust, precise, and pretty affordable.

This Tissot T-Race model is perfect if you want to express an adventurous and sporty spirit, especially if you are a motorsports lover. Moreover, it’s a great piece to add to your everyday look as a casual watch, on top of being a sports watch.

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Tissot T1154173704100 T-Race Men’s Watch

Another T-Race model is this T1154173704100. It is a sleek royal blue watch with a distinct black bezel. It’s driven not just by design but also by function. Although it's a sports watch, it really has that elegant and luxurious feel by the way it is assembled. Plus, it does its job really well. 

This can be a statement piece for racing enthusiasts with laid-back and cool-headed personalities. It’s a natural eye candy, so expect a lot of praise, especially from co-motorsport lovers.

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Tissot T1154173706103 T-Race Chronograph Men’s Watch

Last but not least is the Tissot T1154173706103 T-Race Chronograph Men’s Watch. There’s nothing more sophisticated than an all-black timepiece. It’s bold and authoritative but subtle and mysterious at the same time. It’s not equipped with flashy glamour, but it will attract attention in its own way.

It has all the technical features of the other Tissot T-Race models. However, its simplicity and stealthy look make it distinct. You can wear it on the court, on the tracks, on date nights, or even at formal events. It's a classic piece with unmistakable quality, and it literally goes with anything.

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Final Thoughts

Tissot has permanently established a titanic collection of style, colors, and materials to stir emotions and passion. They are one of the best Swiss brands in the watch industry. Wanna know why? Check out our article about it in this link as we break everything down.

The Tissot T-Race series is a collection of watches that reflects the spirit of adventure and sports. It made me think of the motto “ live life to the fullest.” Whether you intend to explore new ventures or celebrate the ones you already have, Tissot T-Race will accompany you every step of the way. To view the whole Tissot T-Race collection, click here.