Tissot is a Swiss company founded in 1853 with solid innovating expertise in watches. They are masters of traditional and classic pieces. However, with the advancement of technology in the modern era, they have displayed strong versatility and found success in their brand philosophy.

They are well-known for offering high-quality Swiss-made watches worldwide. Also, they provide comprehensive options of timepieces, from semi-smartwatches like their T-Touch series to traditional mechanical watches.

When it comes to design, they also have an image of luxury in the watch industry. They have extensive collections varying from sports watches to vintage classics. Furthermore, they prioritize comfort and ease of their wearers too.

Tissot’s watchmaking skillset and compassionate spirit have touched watch enthusiasts globally, making them trusted and marketed up to this very day. They are also one of the best affordable Swiss-made watches for many people.

The Heritage Continues

Making watches for a century and a half solidified the heritage of the Tissot company. With such experience, their catalog became quite extensive and loved by professionals and budget-conscious individuals.

Speaking of budget, a luxurious Tissot watch is made to be affordable without compromising the quality. Since they were established, they have been worthy of attention, and their pieces always show a significant display of elegance regardless of the model.

One of their goals for the Tissot brand is to continue its heritage while looking forward to and embracing modern-day timepiece development.

Now that you got all curious about Tissot, we’ll dive deeper into its vast collection and models and see how good they really are.

Tissot Classic

Tissot stayed firm in their signature line in this collection, which is “Innovators by Tradition”—presenting classic models with exquisite functionality and impressive quality. This collection boasts its specifications and accurate features coated in luxury and abundance.

Tissot Le Locle Powermatic 80

This classic model displays elegance with its minimalist Roman numerals and the traditional Le Locle signature. Due to its classic chic feel, it's perfect for various occasions and is a natural eye-catcher.

It features a round stainless steel case with a see-through case back, protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This model also throws away competitors with its in-house powermatic 80 automatic movement, boasting 80 hours of power reserve.

Wrapping around your wrist is a silver stainless steel strap complemented by its silver dial, and a butterfly clasp secures the watch with push buttons.

Find more designs on our Tissot Le Locle Powermatic 80 collection.

Tissot Heritage

The Heritage collection is straightforward but bold and detailed to perfection. This line gives tribute to the Tissot history and provides watch enthusiasts a nostalgic feel in every piece.

Tissot Heritage Visodate T1184301104100

The Tissot Heritage Visodate is an aesthetically pleasing piece equipped with modern engineering and exquisite materials. 

Over the years, our electronic gadgets have generated magnetic fields that affect the precision of watches. Tissot has innovated a patented Nivachron spring balance featured in this timepiece that is more resistant to these magnetic fields, making the watch accurate at all times.

It features a dome-type sapphire crystal for protection with a round stainless steel case. It is also equipped with a Swiss automatic movement and a power reserve of 80 hours.

Check out the link to know more about this Tissot Heritage Visodate model.

Tissot T-Sport

Tissot has been known in the sports industry through its various partnerships worldwide. They have been the official timekeepers of the NBA since 2015, and they have been essential in Motor GP and A.S.O’s cycling events. Thus, this line is dedicated to sports enthusiasts and active folks.

Tissot Seastar T1204171104101

This Tissot model is dedicated to high-quality performance with a stunning style. Aside from being water-resistant, it maintains its function at a pressure of 30 bar, making it great for underwater sports.

It features an anti-clockwise rotating aluminum bezel with screw-down pushers and case back. It functions with a Swiss Quartz movement and is protected by a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective double coating.

A fashion statement in extreme environments? It’s totally worth it.

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Tissot Gentleman Collection

This Tissot collection is luxurious and sophisticated without compromising its performance. It’s sold at affordable prices, as well. As a company rich in history, this line needs no introduction. Its function and quality speak for itself.

The Tissot Gentleman collection is a must for every watch enthusiast. It has this right mix of mystery and boldness, refined yet strong, just like the qualities of a real gentleman.

Tissot T1274071106101 Gentleman Powermatic Men’s Watch

As exquisite as this watch looks, it also gives its wearer a pleasant feel and comfort. The timeless design has been loved for half a century, and we’re sure, it’s gonna be adored by future generations too.

It has a smooth stainless-steel bezel and a stunning anthracite dial that provides a sleek, masculine look. In addition, we’re such a fan of the Tissot-exclusive Powermatic 80 caliber function of this watch. What an interesting technological curation!

Aside from its water-resistant capability, its silicon linkage is also a nice touch, making the timepiece more magnetic-proof and accurate.

This model’s versatility is evident, making the watch perfect for daily use and formal get-ups.

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