None of us anticipated the COVID-19 when we stepped into 2020! Even though we heard about the virus making rounds in China 2019, we thought it to be the seasonal flu that usually occurs during colder months. No one imagined that the virus would affect the world to such an extent that we had to resort to a global lockdown and social distancing to flatten the curve.  Even though news about vaccines and probable cure comes up, but we are still in uncertainty. Life seems to have come at a standstill. And it is becoming challenging for people to live inside their house, all by themselves. One of the ways to cope through the pandemic is by getting engaged in various activities and learning about interesting topics. And if you are a watch lover, you can cope through this situation by learning about Seiko Presage.

Why should you study about Seiko Presage?

Watch lovers don't just love to know about the watches they buy, but also about the best watch brands, models, and variants. The newly released help them to stay tuned to the watchmaking revolution and its latest trends around the globe. It increases their knowledge, which allows them to make fantastic social conversations. When you study the Seiko Presage, you would know the advanced watchmaking technology and engineering process that the makers follow.

That is not all! You would know that an impressive and functional watch isn't the one that's flashy and costs you a fortune. The affordable models can also make a lasting impression. If you already have this watch model, you learn surprising facts about it. And if you yet don't own this watch, you might want to add to your collection later, once the lockdown is over.

How can watch lovers cope through studying about this watch?

Never before have we in our life lived the way we are living now. Most watch lovers almost describe this as "living inside a cage." Our free movement gets curbed, and we have to think twice before setting out of the home, even for our morning or evening walks. Once the daily staples get delivered by the delivery person, we quickly cleanse and sanitize the parcels to stay free from the virus attack.

Our minds are alert 24x7! And during such as condition attaining calm, clarity and peace seem like an impossible dream. The constant news updates also are adding to the fear. But as a conscious individual, you need to plug-in to the news at least once a week, to stay updated on the crucial happenings. The only way to survive through this gloom is by investing time into something you love, once all your work gets done.

So, if you are a watch lover, reading about the Presage would keep your mind occupied. You learn about its features and the engineering process. You can also take out time to find out how to clean this watch and style with multiple attires. Once the lockdown is over, you can get into retail therapy and pair the best attires with the Presage watch model.

For starters, you might want to know what makes this watch model so popular!

Why do people want more watches like Presage?

Even a decade back, people would swear by Swiss watches as the best in the business globally! The Presage watch model seems to have changed the dynamics, is a subtle but visible way. Watch lovers and others are looking at Japanese watchmaking more seriously than they did others. Also, since most people want a blend of a classy looking watch with proper utility, the Presage is the ideal choice. Other reasons for which watch lovers want more watch like this one are:

  1. Japanese watchmaking is evolving at a fast pace.

When you look at the Seiko Presage chronograph model, you see the outstanding Japanese watchmaking technology! The design takes watch lovers and other buyers back to the very first watch from the brand. The dials are reminiscent of the old-world Japanese skill and craftsmanship. The watch is equipped with high-end movement, as watch lovers know that Seiko's in-house automatic chronograph movements lead in many ways.

Furthermore, today most users are searching for watches that would help them make a “prestige statement” by paying an affordable amount. The Presage chronograph is a lavish dial that comes within your budget and doesn’t cause a dent in your savings. And with every passing day, the brand is working in all possible ways to enhance the Presage watch variants.

  1. You might get great discounts.

The Presage model is available with the leading watch dealers! You can check the concerned websites and read about the watch features before you invest in one. And since, the online sites are always attempting to gain more customers, who can get the same at a discounted price as well. Even if the Presage model comes with a significant discount, the quality isn't compromised, and you get all the necessary documents and papers with it. Additionally, today you can also opt-in for the promotional codes to get the watch at a lesser price.

  1. It caters to watch lovers of all ages.

The Seiko Presage has a universal appeal! The dial and the watch band are a perfect blend and complement watch lovers of all age groups. From a young executive to a senior manager, everyone can wear this watch and flaunt it in their way.

  1. The watch features are impressive for its price.

You don't have to shell out a fortune to buy the Presage watch model! For the affordable price that it comes, you get a shiny stainless-steel body that has the perfect sheen and surface texture. There are the fold clasps with push buttons, which makes maneuvering the watch easy.  It is an automatic watch with manual winding capacity and is water-resistant as well. It also comes with a power reserve display.

These are some of the few reasons that make the Presage line of watches a complete delight and a mark of prestige to own!

Simple watch maintenance guidelines to follow during the lockdown

Do you own a Seiko Presage? If yes, then this is the time to devote time to its maintenance. Watch lovers, at times, forget to devote proper time to watch upkeep and maintenance because of work and other engagements. Right now, when we are all at home, there’s time. Here’s watch you can do:

  1. Clean the watch dial

It is necessary to clean the Presage watch dial carefully! If you don't have the best watch cleaning solvent, the ideal way is to use dry cotton wool to wipe off the surface. That way, you can clean off the external dirt and small, invisible dust particles that settle on the surface. When you let it accumulate for a long time, the watch dial loses its sharp look and also develops scratches on the dial.

  1. Clean the watch band

If your Presage watch has a stainless-steel band, you can clean the same using a primary cleaning solvent. The alcohol-based spirit cleansers or hand-sanitizers are the best way to go about it. It will effectively remove the dirt as well as any minor and harmless dust particles that might settle on it. Additionally, if you've purchased a spare watch band, you can alternate it with the dial. That will make your watch keep looking new for a long time.

  1. Clean the watch box

If you have the branded watch box, make sure to clean that as well. Most often, watch owners keep the clean watch inside the branded box, that's unclean. Sooner or later, the dust and dirt particles settle on the watch surface and create stains.

  1. Keep your watch in a safe place.

Make sure that you keep your watch at a safe place! It could be on a shelf, inside a cupboard drawer or a small box, customized only to keep your watches. That way, you will know where you've kept your best watch and not confuse it with any other accessories. It's always a smart decision to cover the Presage watch with a satin cloth so that the air dust doesn't settle on the surface.

During the lockdown, you can take out your watch and check if its in excellent working condition. If there are minor stains or band marks, you can repair the same once the lockdown is over.

Other than taking care of your Presage watch and knowing why it was worth all your penny, you can read about the philosophy behind making the same. The brand wanted to gift its customers a premium and luxury watch model, at a price that won't take away all their savings. Also, the Presage model, with its make and utility features, ranks amongst the best watch models globally. It does steal many glances and is easy to avail of as well. The dial is prominent and is perfect for people who love to flaunt chunky dials. If you have a petite wrist, probably you need to consider some other model. Also, when you read more about the Presage during the lockdown, you can save for another one from the same brand once the lockdown is over.