Watch Review: Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Waze (CC3007-04E)

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As far as watchmaking basics go, this Japanese-movement Citizen watch satisfies most criteria, with good, albeit unspectacular, case finishing, as well as the alternate brush shine adding texture to the lugs. The dial and bezels are also well-finished, while the case size proportion is fantastic, sitting atop the wrist very snugly. Those who like side pushers a tad bigger may need to overlook the undersized ones here, but the classy buckle and diamond cut hands more than make up for it, giving it a classy, well-balanced edge. Also, the GPS is highly accurate and responsive with only one click needed to centre it, and another click to calibrate to current day and time of the week. My only gripes are the rather weak luminosity and slightly uncomfortable rubber strap.




Overall user experience was very good with highly user-friendly GPS calibration, but strap and price to quality ratio could be improved.

Rating: 7.5/10