A relatively hidden gem in watchmaking, Citizen has been around for well over a century (since 1918 in fact). Citizen has been producing watches for the people for over a hundred years, and they’re actually pretty damn good at it too.

However, despite making rather good watches for such a long time, they’ve almost always been living under Seiko's massive shadow, and that’s a shame because when you actually take a look at Citizen’s back catalogue, you will find plenty to like about the brand. This NY0010-13E Promaster Fugu is a brilliant example.

Before we begin, if you ask anyone what’s the best Japanese diver that you can get for under $500, I’ll bet the watch I’m wearing now that the answer you’re most likely to hear is a Seiko (the watch I’m wearing now is also a Seiko, coincidentally).

But, what if there’s an alternative to the norm? Something a bit more interesting yet just as affordable and rich in history as well? The Citizen Fugu NY0010-13E is that timepiece, and it stands tall on its own stage, up against the best that the industry has to offer for that price. It packs one hell of a punch as well.

Although it, as we mentioned, might seem to be living in the shadow of Seiko, that only means that you’re less likely to stumble upon someone else with the same watch as you, and if that’s what you want, then you’re in luck with the Citizen Promaster Fugu NY0010-13E.



Dive watches are a dime a dozen these days, and for good reason. They’re incredibly well built, very versatile and overall, they’re just really great watches to have. The Fugu NY0010-13E harks back to an era long before us, with vintage design cues from the early history of diving and an added touch of idiosyncrasy unique to the NY line of Promasters.

The principal characteristics are the rather unconventional and rarely seen left-hand crown position at 8 which is meant to prevent inadvertent knocks as well as to provide more ergonomic comfort to the wearer. The bezel is distinctive as well, with alternating smooth and serrated edges allowing for better grip when being operated under water especially with gloved hands.

Although the one we’re looking at today comes in the ever-popular Pepsi colourway, other variations are available as well, though we think this one is probably going to be one of the more popular pieces.



Power comes from a Miyota Cal. 8203 a proper workhorse movement with a 45-hour power reserve that beats at a respectable 21,600VPH (3Hz) and offers a useful day-date display as well. An additional little attention to detail that I do find myself enjoying on this watch is the printing of the N.D Limits scale on the strap of the timepiece, cementing the fact that it is, indeed a true professional tool.

All in all, I think the Citizen Promaster NY0010-13E is a fantastic watch, and an even better value proposition as well. At well under $500, it is powered by a reliable Japanese automatic movement, with a great attention to detail and an exceptional level of fit and finish. It may not have the most ground-breaking performance, but it was never meant to in the first place.

What Citizen has done with the NY0010-13E Fugu, and the entire Fugu line in general is to bring about more interesting variety into the dive watch market and with some serious competition, performance, and pedigree to boot as well. 



Key Features

  • Sporty and timeless dive watch design
  • Reliable workhorse automatic caliber
  • Protected by immensely durable mineral crystal glass
  • Movement Type - Miyota automatic
  • Materials - Stainless- steel
  • Water Resistance - 20 bars
  • Case Size - 42mm