Watch Review: Coach Legacy Sport

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I don’t usually associate Coach with watches, but here they’ve constructed a solid watch with impressive detailing. The seemingly thin case is pivoted inwards with well-gloved crystals lining the bezel. The bracelet sits comfortably on the wrists, while the dial features the signature Coach symbol converging with the background – intricate touches all around. With slightly domed glass, you definitely get the sense of premium quality. Meanwhile, the lugs are a definite design standout, helping the piece distinguish itself from others in the same price category. Even though there’s no ear-piece here, the overall feel and tactility is still good. Being partial to good font selection and the like, I find that the typography can be slightly improved, but that would really be nit-picking.




A really good watch that I would bravely classify as a real steal. The presence of minor design flaws shouldn’t detract from its virtues, especially at this price point.

Rating: 8.5/10