Watch Review: Scuderia Ferrari Evo Chronograph

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It’s not surprising that the colour selection here is both striking and attractive, just like Ferrari automobiles. The dial boasts a nice design with its logo having a 3D pop-out feel, which mirrors that on the strap loop, while a black disc movement for the date lends a stylish touch. Size-wise, it sits well on the wrist, and the strap is fairly comfortable and fitting. For added water resistance, a screwed case back has been added, with the listed 50m water resistance looking like the makers erred on the side of caution as I’m certain this could take more punishment, though not to the extent of sea diving. On the flip side, the button pushers feel rather hard and unresponsive, while the bezel’s sharp grooves point to inferior workmanship




All in all, a good-looking watch that’s great for casual days out. Realistically though, you’re paying more for the branding and design than build quality.

Rating: 7/10