This week, our attention at H2 Hub turns to the Seiko Solar Chronograph World Time, a nautical-themed piece designed for the global sailor. With 2 versions to select from, you can opt for either a rubber or metal strap, both of which offer their own benefits. The rubber version is surprisingly comfortable, with its strap shaped to avoid catching on ropes or lines, which should prove a very thoughtful feature while on deck. Conversely, the metal version sports a beautifully finished buckle that lines up well against the blue bezel, on which IATA 3-letter codes sit for accurate reading of time in different time zones.



The casing is no less than what one might expect, with its handsomeness accentuated by sandblasted details near the crown. The dial finishing is also exemplary, with no dust or residual deposits left behind on the watch face, giving it a near-perfect look. Illumination is provided by way of its embedded solar technology, and is undoubtedly strong enough for all light conditions. This means that the timepiece never ever requires a battery change, drawing all energy from just sunlight alone. Add that to a dual-time display featuring a 24-hour indication, and this watch proves to be worth every dollar of its cost.




This is one of those cases where quality does meet style, making it a top-class watch that provides great utility.

Rating: 9/10