What do you get when you buy a Seiko Presage watch?

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The delicious-looking Seiko watches are impossible to ignore at the price point above $350. The formal appearance of the Presage models set them apart from the sporty Prospex offerings. However, when you check out the bold dials, you realize that nothing can be sportier than this. With three hand movements, these watches are a lot affordable compared to other complex and modern counterparts. Once you see them, you will not be able to take your eyes off them for sure. Anyway, before this, you can learn everything about Presage here, including history, features, and more. So, let’s first dig into its background.


The story of Seiko Presage watches

The brand Seiko isn’t just about watchmaking. It draws equal attention when it comes to producing and selling electronic equipment, jewelry, optical items, and clocks. In 1881, Kintaro Hattori opened a watch and jewelry shop named K. Hattori in Tokyo, Japan. The main focus of the shop had always been watch manufacturing. Due to this, he eventually invented timepieces. The brand made its entry into the market with clocks in 1892. The first product bore the label ‘Seikosha’ meaning ‘House of Exquisite Workmanship.’ In the following years, the branding changed with the newly registered name Seiko. Seiko stands for exquisite or success.

In 1924, the company made its first wristwatch. Since the time the company ventured into the market, it never looked back. The Seiko watches became popular with everyone for their design, functions, and style. The simple clock making process saw it grow into producing different movements, such as solar, kinetic, quartz, and mechanical. The versatility of the products empowered the company to become a one-stop destination for the real admirers of the watches. If you want to experience the real beauty of the Seiko watches, then you don't have to go beyond the Seiko Presage series. The luxury collection is well-known for its functionality and accuracy since the time of its arrival.

There are specific numbers such as PR4, PR6, and PR8, which designate movements in the Presage watches with the last being the highly advanced technology. All these watches are in-house productions of the company, and that's quite evident in the designs and movements. People buy Presage because of its watch movement and affordable prices. It gives a fantastic line of timepieces.

The recent collection from this series reflects heritage influence, transporting you back to 1913. The depth in the designs and aesthetics can leave anyone gaping with wonder. The subtle textures speak volumes about the superior craftsmanship typical of a Seiko brand. In Seiko Presage, you would come across enamel dial, unmatched functions, and desirable finishing in the right proportions, making them perfect for any environment. Some of the watches in the collection look so mesmerizing that it may take time to recover from their appeal.


The highlights of Seiko Presage watches

Presage has always been successful for being able to strike the right chords with the onlookers. The unique style, variety of models, and each having some distinct proposition make it impossible for anyone not to have a look at them. The brand has been here for more than a hundred years. Throughout its journey, it has enjoyed a high reputation for its collection. Hence, coming from the same company, the Presage line of products can also be expected to deliver the kind of impact that others from the family do. Here are some traits of these watches for you to explore.


Choices for an affordable price

Presage collection is almost for everyone who can spend a bit of money on the desirable timepiece. It doesn't affect the options, though. No matter what you look for, you can likely get it within your comfort zone. Also, these watches are for the long-term. So even if the upfront cost seems high, you can recover the value over time.


Always impressive designs

The consistency in design and craftsmanship are the two mainstays of the Seiko brand. When you go through Presage, you can feel this for real. The reason behind this is Seiko's principles. The label doesn't introduce anything just for the sake of it. That's why it takes time to launch any new model or collection in the market. They present something at the appropriate time after understanding the needs.


The specially engineered glass material

Whether you eye a Presage watch or something else in the brand, you can rest assured that it will be durable and robust. Credit for this is attributable to Seiko's processes. The company uses its own protective cover for the watches made of Hardlex crystal. Being a mineral crystal, Hardlex shows resistance to different types of impact. For example, you can wear a Seiko watch even when you play your favorite sport without worrying about the glass. The mineral crystal can protect it against any risk or damage.


An ability to absorb shocks

These watches come equipped with a device called Diashock. This element saves the balance wheel from electric shock and vibration when the watch strikes against a hard floor, potentially damaging the rotation axis of the balance wheel. The balance staff or rotation axis tends to be very thin as human hair. So, it becomes essential to save it. With the help of this device, Seiko achieves its purpose successfully.


A solution adding to the longevity of Seiko Presage watches

Seiko invented Magic Lever in 1959 to enhance the winding capabilities of a watch so that it reduces the winding time of the mainspring. The V-shape lever helps transfer all the energy to the mainspring effortlessly. This process makes Seiko watches durable and life-long partners to its wearers. Nowadays, many other companies have started using this system. But Seiko is the forerunner.


Elasticity, strength, and protection from heat and corrosion

All mechanical Presage watches have Spron alloys known for their flexibility and heat- and corrosion-resistance. The alloy was the finding of Seiko and the Metal Materials Laboratory of Tohoku University. Today, this material comes in handy in the fields of medicine, electronics, and many others.


Easily readable dials

No matter how much sharp light strikes your dial, you would not have to struggle to read the time. The anti-reflecting coating on either side of the crystal can stop reflection for up to 99%. Hence, you can imagine looking at your dial for tracking the time, even in the bright light.

In essence, all Seiko watches, including the Presage line of products, stand out for being distinct in quality and performance. The careful assembly and power reserve indicators also signal the superiority of these watches in terms of design, engineering, and overall quality. Before their release, the watches have to pass through rigorous inspection standards. Without this, not a single piece can make its entry.


 Options in Seiko Presage watches

Of the different varieties, Presage cocktail, and automatic chronograph watches deserve special attention. Cocktail represents one of the most envious collections. It is a dress watch that you can wear to any occasion to show off your style with full confidence. You can depend on this fashion accessory to complement your looks on even a special dinner night. The stunning dials, the exciting hour and minute hands, and the overall balance of classic and straightforward appearance can get things going in your favor. Your attention can be distracted to its well-polished case too and the date window. The straps or bracelets are also noteworthy.

The latest choices in Presage include Automatic Chronograph watches. These stand out for their sharpness and bold looks. However, they also have an element of subtleness about them, which doesn't allow you to take your eyes off them. The dials are simple, but the arrangement inside the case can quickly draw your attention to the enticing details. The charm of these watches is difficult to ignore. Along with Chronograph, you can explore automatic chronograph watches too.

So, what are you thinking about now? Seiko is one of the well-known brands among customers and the watchmaking world. If you wear one, it doesn't need an introduction. People are going to notice it organically. Many buyers prefer this brand for its consistency in quality and affordable pricing. If you want to have a high-quality timepiece in your wardrobe, then it is perhaps the perfect choice to consider. Without having to spend a fortune, you can make it yours. Plus, each of these watches bears a firm reference to Seiko's rich history. The design and engineering are evidence of this.

However, it doesn't mean you won't find anything different in them. All the watches feature unique functionality and technicality. The timepieces demonstrate traits that a large section of customers prefer. If you don't want to opt for an expensive wristwatch, you can depend on Presage to add to your luxury collection. From appearance to functions to the background, these models have everything in the proper order to cater to your demand and taste. Make sure you shop it from a trusted online watch store only. When you buy from a reputed dealer, you don't have to doubt quality and price. You can secure the best deal for a favorable price.