Why are women counting on the Premier and Lukia collection from Seiko Singapore?

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In 2020, where dressing well has gained prominence, designer watches have an increased predominance than we ever thought! It reflects a person's class, taste, attitude, and style sense. For years, reputed global brands have been designing and manufacturing various watch dials and types. That provides people with umpteen choices to flaunt on multiple occasions. Amongst the reputed global brands, Seiko is gaining prominence as well. Also, with its constant effort and designer watch variants, it is fast becoming one of the famous watch brands amongst the youth and mid-aged watch lovers. Seiko watches get intricately crafted, and are stylish, and affordable as well.


Women and Seiko Singapore watches

A watch today is more than a timekeeping device. In fact, it's more than a man's favorite accessory. Women, too, have stepped into this space and take sufficient interest and time to choose their best watch dials and straps. For women, a watch is an extension of who they are. It reflects their style, their fashion consciousness, and their social standing as well. And that makes it challenging at times for them to choose the best watch. Seiko Singapore is one of the ideal options for women who want a functional, fashionable watch at an affordable price.

Are you planning to buy your first Seiko watch? And are you in two minds about it? If yes, then you can count on the following factors:

  • The watches are stylish.
  • The watches are affordable.
  • The watches are sleek.
  • The watches have reduced maintenance expenses.
  • The watches are available in vibrant colors.

Today, you can get in touch with watch dealers online that specialize in Seiko watches for women. These dealers are reputed and carry out transparent business practices. Hence, customers can expect authentic watch variants and correct product warranty.

Seiko Singapore editions for women

Seiko has designed watch variants for women. The two prominent collections to name here is the Seiko Premier and the Seiko Lukia.


Seiko Singapore – The Premier Collection

An initial survey of this collection might make one feel that this collection is mostly for men! But there are watch variants for women as well. The high-point of this collection is that Seiko proves to be a perpetual calendar. Seiko Premier watches are not highly costly or complicated, it is also not pure quartz. In fact, the watch is a blend of both. It comes with a kinetic element, that gives the watch a winding right behind its solid case back, that powers up the quartz movement. It gets loaded with calendar features, like 24-hour indication, the significant dates, leap year, months, and many more.

If you want a calendar on your wrist, the Seiko premier watch variants accomplish that in a cost-efficient way! And this syncs in with the brand's mission as well, i.e., to be precise for as long as possible.


The design aspect of Seiko Singapore Premier collection

The design for Seiko Premier is becoming interesting now! Usually, a watch like this has its intricacies and demands that the wearer dresses up accordingly to match the watch persona. And Seiko has kept up to this trend very well, simultaneously, not restricting them too much. For instance, consider the size of the Seiko Premier watches, and you'll see them as chunky dials on your wrist. It's a bold style statement for women.

Women, who are comfortable with their watches stealing the show, can choose this watch over other costly Swiss watch variants! Women who love to dress up in a chic and classy for chosen occasions can also bring home this exclusive dial. The watch has lugs that are flared and inspired by mid-century watchmaking. There are the crown guards and the raised external dial ring. The minutes, seconds, and hours hands are distinctive, and the numbers can get best described as "sharp faceted dauphine." It also has pointed counterweights. And when you have a considerable date display and guilloché dial texture, you indeed have an eye-catching dial to match with your attire and accessories. You can check out the rose gold and black coated Djokovic special edition.

Seiko Premier watch straps are interesting as well. It’s made of top-notch steel and gives a trendy, sporty feel. Also, there are other variants where the strap has an inset leather in soft rubber support. It makes the watch look classy, smart, and is known for its durability. Women who love their designer watches for a special occasion to be intriguing and stylish, the Seiko Premier is the collection to shop from. These watches are all about high-end movement technology and a perfect blend of conventional and avant-garde design. Of course, the price point is affordable, as well.


Seiko Singapore - The Lukia Collection

The term "Seiko" in Japanese means success, minute, and exquisite! And keeping to its name, this brand has over a hundred-year legacy, in manufacturing designer and advanced women’s watches, along with men’s watches. The brand's excellent craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology are the salient features that fashionistas love. Hence, for women, the Seiko Lukia collection provides automatic watches that are apt for smaller wrists.

Seiko Lukia is all about high-end design meeting practical functionality. Every watch dial gets crafted with great care and delicacy. It makes the watches look sturdy and feminine. Seiko Lukia radiates charm and sophistication. It adds more confidence to women who decide to sport it. It is a perfect blend of elegance and advanced watchmaking.

There are few other reasons why women in Asian countries and across the globe opt-in for this watch variant. The crucial five reasons are:

  1. It epitomizes the new age woman

The ultimate objective of Seiko Lukia collection is reflecting the essence and personalities of the new-age women in Asia and all around the globe. Some of the qualities that get used to describe the new age woman today include active, lucid, keen, intellectual, and unison. The watch also resonates with these elements through its design and aesthetics.

  1. It helps women to open-up to their feminine charm

Seiko Lukia comes up with several seasonal themes from time to time! Lukia aims to express that a well-designed watch is a gift worth cherishing. It also highlights the fact that modern-day women are becoming more confident and charismatic with time. Hence, these dials all represent feminine design traits. The watch variants epitomize class and elegance and are available in feminine colors like rose gold, silver, and pink.

  1. An Asian icon is the brand ambassador

Hollywood celebrities, stars, and supermodels take a backseat when it comes to Seiko Lukia. The brand ambassador is an Asian icon named Ariel Lin. This famous star got nominated as Seiko’s brand ambassador again because of her graceful and elegant personality. You can see Ariel in her stylish short hairstyle in an ad campaign, which represents the new-age Asian women and women across all other ethnicities as well. She reflects the exact grace, poise, and confidence that women of today exude.

  1. The watch is highly functional

Seiko Lukia watches prove to be useful for women. It never allows women to run behind their schedules. The watch’s 7T12 quartz movement and 60-minute time measurement within 1/5 seconds makes it possible. These watches also come with a hand-winding movement, which reminds women of their confidence and attractive personalities. It gives their energies the required boost both in-office and elsewhere.

That is not all! All the Seiko Lukia models are well-designed, which has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. It features a 100-meter water resistance capacity. Hence, you don’t need to take it off while swimming. The watch doesn’t hinder in your daily routine. On the contrary, the watch adds value to your life and daily activities.

  1. You can choose from vibrant colors

Women today love to invite in all the colors, with their attires and accessories. The same applies when they select their best watch. It's time to bid farewell to watches that look boring and out of fashion. Instead, Seiko Lukia enables you to sport the vibrant color dials on your wrist. You can choose from the vibrant pinks, blues, reds, and yellow as well. There are also watch straps to opt-in for. That way, you can match your attire and watch it seamlessly.

A few of the Seiko Lukia models come with a leather strap! You can also find pink indices and a white dial that creates a charming and elegant look. Other watch dials have a hollow-out design as well. The color combinations make the watches look evocative and stunning. The dials are transparent with six crystal pieces that feel beautiful and look striking as well. Women across a broad age group can opt-in for these watches. If you have a petite build, then the Lukia collection would seem tailor-made for you.

Women today love to dress up for both official and casual occasions! With a Seiko Premier or Lukia collection watch, women can look both influential and feminine. The watch collections are known for their exquisite and trendy designs. And since, Seiko is accessible on the pockets, purchasing a watch wouldn't hurt your savings as well.