Why can we not help but fall in love with Michael Kors watches every time we see them?

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What is it about Michael Kors that attracts fashionistas and the novice fashion lover? Michael Kors is a league on its own. It is distinct from other designers and luxury brands. Yet, it is equally popular among all luxury lifestyle shoppers. Michael Kors has carved out dedicated followership and loyal celebrity shoppers. After Michael Kors launched a new and more affordable ready-to-wear line for Celine, the brand managed to define its presence as a fashion cum lifestyle brand successfully. Ever since their return to hot couture and the launch of their ready-to-wear line for men, MK has become a more approachable name for the ordinary people.

The beauty of MK bags, watches, and dresses is that they are favorites of both celebs and the common folk alike. In fact, Hollywood celebs like Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde, Kate Hudson, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, and Dakota Johnson have chosen MK accessories and dresses for red carpet events. At the same time, Michael Kors watches have gone on sales on websites in Singapore for around $100.

Why do we love Michael Kors watches?
Unlike other contemporary fashion brands that typically restrict their affordability, Michael Kors believes in expanding their market by creating functional yet cost-effective designs for the masses. One of the most prominent examples of the brand's approachability is its most extensive range of wristwatches for men and women. From oversized men's watches with real gold plating to understated matte black designs with woven straps, one can find all sorts of looks and trends at Michael Kors.
Another reason people exclusively shop for Michael Kors watches is due to the brand's tie-up with the Fossil Group. MK is among the hundreds of brands of the Fossils Group that already includes Skagen, Zodiac, DKNY, Diesel, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, and Emporio Armani. Currently, Michael Kors is a part of a 10-year extended licensing agreement with FG for the production of exclusive MK watches till 2024.
Where does Michael Kors manufacture their designer watches?
Ever since the Fossil Group has become responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of MK watches, both the brands ensure that their manufacturing plants across Europe and Asia are responsible for the production and assembly of the units.
Since the Fossil Group already has a large number of sub-companies that have dedicated product lines, they are already actively designing, producing, and distributing quartz and mechanical watches under various brand names across the world.
However, almost all the high-end mechanical watches from Michael Kors come from Germany, UK, Switzerland, or Japan. These are the typically costlier watches that you can peruse at the Michael Kors online stores or physical outlets. Fossils have made high-quality watchmaking comparatively cost-effective. Therefore, you may even find premium MK watches between the $200 and $500 range in Singapore, if you know where to shop.

What is the real value of a MK wristwatch?
Michael Kors is one of the top lifestyles and fashion brands that even the tier-A Hollywood celebs swear by. There is no grain of doubt about the investment and resale value of a MK bag, handbag, or purse. However, many new MK lovers ask us about the cost of a MK watch.
Many fashion brands that dabble in selling accessories like watches often miss the mark of quality. Unlike their competitors and contemporaries, MK has successfully captivated a loyal set of buyers with their stellar manufacturing quality and dedicated services.
As of last year, Michael Kors has over 14 million followers on Instagram, and their watch related hashtags are performing superbly on social media. While traditional watch manufacturers are still staggering with social media strategies, Michael Kors has successfully leveraged a bespoke social media strategy that has skyrocketed their popularity above other exclusive watchmakers.
Why do leading designers, celebs, and watch collectors trust Michael Kors?
Although MK does not have a watchmaking heritage, the fashion label makes up for it with incredible pricing and a wide range of designs. The Michael Kors watches like Sofie MK2714, and Cinthia Mother of Pearl MK2661 is the true testament of variety and functionality that all MK fans rave about. It is an authentic MK product that blends affordability and attractiveness into every design.

While there are a few orthodox watch reviewers and critics who would love to shove MK back along with other fashion labels that have displayed no ingenuity at watchmaking, there are thousands of fans, followers, and users, who swear by Michael Kors watches. These watches are affordable yet unique. Keeping aside the fact that you can get them engraved, the designer brand has enough variety to match every buyer’s personality and preference. The bespoke designs of Darci and Parker appeal to thousands without the need for extensive customization or personalization.
Why should you check out MK even though it isn’t an exclusive watchmaking company?

You could get a Seiko or Casio, but you would never have the same level of intricate design, style, and finish that Michael Kors provides with each of their designer watches. In fact, all MK products bear an insignia of class and elegance that sets them apart from other watch brands with impressive watchmaking heritage.

The most significant selling point of every Michael Kors watch is their name and look. Additionally, every user seconds that these watches do not stop or glitch for years to come. Their good looks coupled with long life make the Michael Kors brand name a covetable item for all fashionistas and collectors. Some even believe that no one is genuinely trendy unless they own a MK bag and watch from their 2019 Spring-Summer collection.
Why should you verify every MK accessory you purchase from the web?
Every Michael Kors watch that you can buy from an authenticated seller comes with an extended warranty. You may be able to find cheaper versions of these watches from unverified sellers or third-party seller sites, but it is safer to steer clear of low-priced items that do not come with proper documentation.

A Michael Kors wristwatch without original documents has no worth. Since any designer item bears most of its value in the name, design, and quality, a watch without its proof of genuineness is as good as a watch you can buy from the flea market. Therefore, when you are ready to buy a MK watch, you should always double-check the authenticity of the seller and their reviews.
The warranty papers, certificate of authenticity complete with the brand logo, and invoice for the purchase should go along with the shipped product. Always remember that MK products are more affordable than other high-street fashion labels, but they are never dirt cheap. If you spot a seller that is offering almost 50-70% off on the original price, you can be sure that there is something wrong with the product quality or papers.
How can you buy an authentic MK watch and save some more too?
Even the low range designs from the house of MK, like the Bradshaw and Pyper MK 2749, are not incredibly cheap. However, many potential buyers look for cheaper imitations or second-hand watches in Singapore. However, you should not have to compromise on your branded experience because you are a couple of bucks short.

You can shop smartly and set up price alerts for items in your wishlist. Visit seller websites of original Michael Kors watches and check out their ongoing sales. Older designs like Petite Norie MK2696, MK3682, and Parker Chronograph are easier to find at a discounted price.
Even the new designs go on sale during the festive season or right around fall. If you love a particular design or model, but the price seems too high, wait for season’s discounts and promotional offers. Many websites will offer discount coupon codes for Michael Kors watches if you sign up, register, or subscribe to their newsletters.

These are all effective ways to save more than a few pennies on your watch purchase. Buying discounted items from verified sellers will get you the best warranty and repair services that comes with all genuine products.
Where should you buy your next MK accessory?

You can choose to purchase your first or hundredth MK watch from an online store. Or, if you are more comfortable shopping from traditional stores instead of eCommerce sites, try a Michael Kors store locator or MK watch seller shop locator on your PC or phone. Singapore has many sellers that claim to sell real designer jewelry and accessories. However, if you have never done business with them before, go ahead and check their Google reviews. Comments on their Google ratings should be enough to tell you about their service quality and product authenticity.

In a world where people are always racing against time, you need a stylish way to tell the time and stand apart from the rest. Michael Kors watches bring forth the most elegant and bespoke way of telling the time for men, women, and everyone else. Michael Kors has transcended from being the occasional evening wear for red carpet galas to the everyday accessories that are full of exciting features and functionalities.