Why is the Vivomove HR the right choice for every smartwatch buyer at Garmin Singapore?

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There can be a lack of organic food in the market or a dearth of reliable personal trainers. What there isn’t a shortage of are smartwatches. Every lifestyle website you visit and magazine you browse in Singapore, there are scores of smartwatches ornating every page and every column.

Every person you know probably has at least one Fitbit or Apple Watch strapped to his or her wrist. These were indeed the two most popular brands even a year ago when they shared the entire smartwatch market among themselves.

In the chaos of original upmarket smartwatches, you can find everywhere in Singapore, which can track everything from your breathing rate to the calories you are burning, and the cheaper ones trying really hard to keep up with the original smartwatch league, one brand has climbed to the top of the activewear range quite rapidly. Garmin is one of the highest-rated, yet the most unpretentious range of smartwatches that people are investing in, in 2019.

Eight reasons you should pick the Vivomove HR at any Garmin Singapore store

One of the most popular, yet unassuming designs from Garmin is the Garmin Vivomove HR. Currently, you can find two Vivomove HR versions in the Garmin Singapore market – the Vivomove Sport and Vivomove Premium. The Sport model is the slightly more affordable one at $299, and the Premium comes at $499 with genuine leather straps. Either way, both models have the quintessential Garmin essence that prevents them from looking like cumbersome activity computers.

We have several reasons to remain in love with the Garmin Vivomove HR. Today, we'd like to share eight of the reasons you should fall in love with this particular model from Garmin as well –

  1. Does it even look like a smartwatch?


The patrons of smartwatches and activewear know for sure that a smartwatch should look and feel a certain way. They carry their importance in their girth and weight unless they are the low-range models from Apple or the first-generation Fitbits. Smartwatches are a separate league from "real" watches, and they are not ashamed to show that.

However, Garmin Vivomove HR opens a new dimension for all-new era smartwatches. It neither looks nor feels like a proverbial smartwatch. In fact, it looks just like your high-fashion watch with a flat circular dial and two hands telling the time.

It is a hybrid smartwatch that happily falls in sync with the partywear you have chosen for the weekend or the summer dress you are wearing to brunch. The Unisex design ensures that you get to pick one according to your personal taste and wardrobe preference.

Unlike other smartwatches crowding the market, the Vivosmart HR does not put the undue pressure on you to couple it with activewear each time you decide to step out!

  1. Well, it’s smart, even for a smartwatch

Many potential buyers worry that the watch hands might come in the way when they try to read their data. However, the Vivomove HR is smart enough to move its hands at the slightest gesture that intends data reading.

If you want to swipe to view the data on the screen or intend to display another screen, all you need to do is to swipe. The gesture will move the hands to a 10:10 position instantly and offer you an unobstructed view of the screen.

It is a subtle feature that speaks oodles about the intuitiveness of the Garmin models.

  • Customized fitness data can be at your fingertips

The first generations of Fitbit and Apple smartwatches drove hordes of fitness enthusiasts crazy with their ability to track activity and monitor the number of steps you have taken. However, those are just basic features every smartwatch packs these days.

What you need is a set of specialized fitness information that your Garmin can send right over to your synced app on your smartphone. It consists of your heart rate data, calorie counter, stress level detector, oxygen level calculator, and even a stair climbing tracker.

In short, it can revolutionize your life. It comes with a relaxation timer to help you take a step back and manage stress. Additionally, it comes with auto uploads, music controls, and smart notifications. 

  1. Data viewing is more exciting than ever

Even two years ago, it would be unthinkable to be able to view your heart rate as a graph somewhat like an ECG on a small device strapped on your wrist. However, that is precisely what the Garmin Vivomove HR is capable of doing.

The next-gen smartwatch can represent your heart rate in the form of a graph whenever you tap the screen that shows the heart rate data. It shows the spikes and dips over an hour along with the highest and the lowest heart rates. 

Are you wondering about tracking stress levels in daily life? Well, you can monitor your stress levels in the form of cute bar graphs instead of boring numbers. Garmin is genuinely here to transform the way you live and workout.

  1. Shares smartphone notifications

Are you waiting for an important email from your team? Or, is it evening plans with your SO? Whatever it is, the hybrid smartphone can transfer these notifications from your smartphone to the watch screen in real-time.

Apart from the LED notification lights that many contemporary watches use to signal an incoming message, the Vivomove HR actually displays the gist of the notification with the swipe of a finger.

The Garmin Vivomove HR can display the preview of messages, notifications from Facebook, and WhatsApp and notify you of incoming calls. Forget forgetting birthdays and anniversaries. Your Vivomove HR is the ultimate smartwatch that will relegate all calendar notifications right onto your wrist.

  1. Splash and sweat all you want

Going for snorkeling? Don’t worry about leaving your precious Garmin Vivomove HR on the boat. You can wear it in water and even track your heart rate as you witness the marine life swim by.

Once you swap the genuine leather straps of the Premium with the waterproof silicone straps, you are good to sweat for hours or complete a few laps.

Unless you are going for scuba diving, you have nothing to worry about. So run down to the pool and cannonball amidst your friends before you show off the truly smart smartwatch that is capable of doing almost everything under the sun!

  • A bunch of additional smart features

We have not yet mentioned half of the other features that the Garmin Vivomove HR brings to the users. Are you a music lover? Then control your Spotify playlist or YouTube music via your smartwatch without reaching for your phone.

Are you hosting a party? Forget locating your phone amidst the chaos and change tracks on your Bluetooth speakers by using your Vivomove HR smartwatch. Connect, play, and groove to your favorite tracks while in a party or during your workout. Most importantly, you can set mid-workout alerts on your smartwatch, so you never forget to cool down and hydrate before the next rep.

The particular model can store data from your previous workout sessions. It can "remember" the distance you have traveled, the number of stairs you have climbed, your heart rate changes, the time you have spent working out and the number of calories you have burned during a day or the week.

That is way more than you can ask for from any similarly priced top range smartwatch in the market right now, especially, if you are searching for a sleek and sophisticated look. 

  • Let's not forget the variety

Everyone has at least a range of favorite colors that complement their wardrobe. Currently, the Garmin aficionados have four color options for their Vivomove HR. These range from traditional to swanky. You can choose one for every mood, or pick the most somber one for matching your business suite as well as your party moods. 

These are perfect for neutral, warm, and cool skin tones. The colors include rose gold with white leather straps from the premium range for the trend lover and gold (with a tinge of olive green) with tan-brown straps for the sophisticated dresser.

Most importantly, you can customize each detail of the Vivomove HR. The straps come in light and dark brown, black and white. However, if you reach out to your Garmin Singapore store, you can even request engravings and personalized detailing on all four varieties.

Apart from these eight reasons to fall in love with your new Garmin Vivomove HR smartwatch, you should also consider its sleep tracking feature. Although it is not as accurate as some of the newer models, it does a decent job if you are concerned about how many hours of REM sleep you are getting.

Always check the authenticity of the branded store before you invest in a Garmin watch. The Vivomove HR will remain relevant for a long time to come, even after Apple and Fitbit release their 2020 flagship models. It is a smart investment that will influence your workout, eating habits, relaxing practices, and your entire lifestyle.