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Fila Kids

Fila first started to be a business that creates quality textiles for the simple and local townspeople. The story of the transformation of Fila becoming one of the leading designers of high-quality sportswear is one that is a continual evolution that was fueled by the company’s philosophy of leading innovations with their designs. These watches have distinct designs, interesting styles and lively, vibrant colors that will surely make you feel energetic just by wearing it. You will surely have the time of your life browsing through these watches and choosing one that will fit you.

The brand is of Italian heritage but the Italian family has sold the brand to a Korean company who now handles its design and international distribution. H2 Hub is not just the authorized retailer but also the sole distributor of Fila watches in Singapore. The range of Fila watches range from $59 Singapore dollars to over $200 Singapore dollars and caters to a young and fashion crowd.

Fila has an extensive kids range that can cater to the child who wants a bright and colourful watch or to meet the need to teach your child how to read time. There are digital watches and also analog kids watches for you to choose from.