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Garmin Kids

Garmin has now launched a very colourful but robust and functional kids range of smart watches and fitness trackers that can only can keep time but also train our children to be more health conscious and self-aware.

Garmin Kid watches come in vibrant colours along with special features and layouts to captivate small-aged kids. Designed to encourage physical activities, Garmin kid watches are also made extra resilient against the bumps and bashes. These kid watches also feature an “in-app adventure” that offers niche games that centers on physical activities. The app encourages the user to perform a specific physical activity to complete levels.

Other kid-centric features such as “Activity Tracking” that accelerometer-based activities such as counting steps and calculating active time as well as a daily 60 minutes activity reminder.

Garmin kid watches also offer a unique feature that helps parents assign their kids chores. Regular intervals can be set to alert the kid to do specific chores and activities.

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