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The collection resembles the Samurai way of life. At the first glance, you can instantly notice the timelessness of the Samurai's aesthetics, crafted to perfection like their amor and weapon. It remarkably displays the perfect balance between classic, culture, power and modernity. The pointer, the hour and second hands resemble a sword with diamond-cut crafted hands. For the past year we've been working to make it even more enticing among aficionado and professional divers in the wide range of design options to choose from. Each limited edition Samurai model is named after the seven virtues of the Bushido Code and you can surely find one that will match your warrior personality. Staying true to our brand's core values always; creating quality timepieces that are made with meaning.



Unique piece of the collection, Makoto uphold all 7 virtues. Mokoto is an integrity piece which has a dial carved from a solid block of red copper. The 2-tone coke bezel represents an aged piece of Japanese art, completed with supple red rubber suitable for professional wear.


As revered as its name, Rei meant respect in the Bushido Code. Perfect for a serious meeting with a classic drawing of the Samurai in the watch dial. The classic green dive bezel insert with the half-green design is suitable for anyone looking for a subtle hint of luxury.


The Meiyo which is respect virtue is made for the modern gentlemen looking for the perfect blend between a sports watch and a dress model with its classy dive ready rubber strap. The recessed index ceramic Bezel gives the watch even more sleek and unstated look.


Another vital aspect of the Bushido was loyalty. The Chuugi samurai watch will safeguard and help their fellow warriors. The loyalty of a samurai represent same as the instinctive loyalty of an animal, even in the face of extreme hardship and danger, it is never abandoned.


It is the watch that gives firmness and stature. Without bones the head cannot rest on top of the spine, nor hands move, nor feet stand. Such that without Gi which means rectitude in the 7 Bushido Code, neither talent nor learning can make the human frame into a samurai.


The samurai called this Bushi no nasaké — the tenderness of a warrior — implying mercy where mercy is not a blind impulse, but a recognition of due regard to justice; where mercy did not remain as a mere state of mind, but where it was backed with power to save or kill.


Simple bravery is something that appeals most easily to juvenile minds, and is hence not qualified to be considered a virtue, but rather a mere manifestation of ego and emotion. Only when bravery is fueled by righteousness and justice can it qualify as Yūuki.


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The warrior gentleman must be always ready. This travel watch pouch comes free with every watch purchase. The pouch comes with extra slots for purchase of extra straps so your trip overseas will never run out of style.

A FREE WATCH WINDER will also be gifted to the first 99 customers.


We believe that a watch should not just be another accessory, but also a token to memoralise a dear memory.

Immortalise your precious moments by printing your well wishes or a picture of that speical occassion on your watch.

Personalisation Options
• Print Text on Dial
• Print Picture on Dial
• Print Text on Glass Caseback
• Print Picture on Glass Caseback



Inspired by the The Bushido Code, all Samurai watches are built to last with premium materials. Our in-house team of watchmakers and technicians have over 20 years of experience in the field. Most eminent luxury watch retailer shaped by dreams and fuelled by passion. H2 Hub makes our business to know everything there is to know about watches. Using top-notch materials, each of our MOD watches products are designed for its prime and value.

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