The Citizen company has been well-known for watches since it was founded in 1918. Many are also fans of this brand here in Singapore, especially with the company’s experience and expertise in watchmaking; they have made a solid heritage and reputation.

Over the years, Citizen has innovated many models with traditional and advanced features. One of their collections is the Citizen Eco-drive. It offers cutting-edge technology and exquisite craftsmanship to cater to watch enthusiasts of all ages. They continue to blow up the market with their distinct iconic designs and high precision time-telling, and for us, they are definitely worth every penny.

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Moving forward, let’s dive deeper on a few models below:

Citizen JY8078-01L Promaster Skyhawk Men’s Watch

Inspired by the Navy’s elite flight demonstration squadron called Blue Angels, the Citizen JY8078-01L Promaster Skyhawk was crafted. It showcases high-quality precision through its solar-powered quartz movement. Since it features an Eco-drive technology, it can use any light. You may not need a battery anymore. Magical, right?

Moreover, it has a unique rotating slide dark blue rule bezel with beautiful accents of yellow for that stand-out finish. It also has an indigo blue Italian leather strap that matches the dial. Plus, it is protected by an anti-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Furthermore, it is pretty equipped with everything you need in your daily whereabouts. It has an alarm, countdown timer, digital backlight, and calendar. It is also versatile for any wardrobe, so that you can use it in casual get-ups or even in boardrooms.

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Citizen CC7005-16G Satellite Wave Men’s Watch

Another premier option is the Citizen CC77005-16G Satellite Wave Men’s Watch. It’s an enormous watch, but it's comfortable to wear, just like other Citizen models. This might be because of the lugs that are perfectly curved towards the wrist, allowing the piece to sit amply. Also, it’s not as heavy as it looks. It’s pretty lightweight despite the massive appearance.

At first glance, the dial can be overwhelming. It displays a lot, so aside from the time, it quite tells you a lot as well. However, the watch is pretty easy to understand when you learn all the elements. Plus, the hands are very prominent, making it easy for time-telling. And yes, this is the kind of watch that you really have to read the manual to figure everything out.

Overall, this is an excellent travel watch since it equips you with GPS, a second timezone subdial, and an alarm. It uses satellite information to locate geographical details to exhibit local time accurately.

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Citizen CC7014-82E Promaster Sky Men’s Watch

Next on the list is the Citizen CC7014-82E Promaster Sky Men’s Watch. It’s a piece that’s rugged-looking because of its case size and dial design. However, the stainless steel straps provide that perfect blend of luxury and elegance. When it comes to functionality, this watch does it all. By only using the slide rule bezel, you can calculate percentages, convert kilometers to miles, and find the square root.

To add to that, it automatically shows the day, date, month, and year, including leap years up to  2100. It also has a dual time feature, making it possible to see the local time of two time zones of your choice. And they did not forget about the alarm and the GPS as well.

This is the perfect watch for our sky and travel-loving individuals, even people in the sales and engineering industry. Plus, it’s so versatile that you can wear it casually or at formal events. Nonetheless, it’s a watch that captures attention and praise.

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Citizen CC7015-55E Satellite Wave Men’s Watch

Last but not least is the Citizen CC7015-55E Satellite Wave Men’s Watch. Looking at this bulky watch, a first impression is always “it’s gonna be heavy.” However, since its case is made of a Super Titanium material, it’s durable and very lightweight. The watch's overall appearance, including the dial, is stealthy and mysterious since it’s all-black. The orange accents on the dial and the bezel are a nice contrast that makes the timepiece more attractive and bold.

The outer bezel has all these air-to-land codes that can be used in traveling, especially in emergencies. In addition, aside from its solar-powered, it is also GPS-controlled so that you can expect extreme precision in your wrist. Like other Citizen Satellite Wave models, this timepiece gives you more than what you pay for, making it worth the price.

It is a fantastic tool watch, but you can easily pair it with any wardrobe of your choice, and it would look super fine and an ultimate stand-out.

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Final Thoughts

We know the demand for these watches is high, but before you key in “Citizen Watches Singapore” on your search bar, know that you are already in the right place here at H2 Hub. We have been selling the Citizen watch since 1979, and we take pride in more than a million people who trust us in purchasing this watch brand. 

They are incredibly timeless pieces that are equipped with high-end technology that caters to both men and women.

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