Women love wristwatches, regardless of their fashion and style. It plays an essential part of their daily ensemble. They know this single piece can complement any look effortlessly whether they desire to acquire chic, sophisticated, traditional, or something else. So, if you go around shopping for this fashionable yet practical piece, you can have certain expectations from it. At the same time, you may have pondered over the amount of money you can spend. Anyway, remember even if you don't have a high budget for a fancy timepiece, you don't need to worry. Some leading brands sell incredible designs and mechanisms in wristwatches for an affordable price so that people don’t have to go empty-handed.

Of the various names, Fossil gets frequent mentions and attention in the market for being able to provide luxury watches for men and women at envious rates. The American company came into existence in 1984. Ever since its origin, it always emphasized on elegance, neat designs, sophistication, quality, and affordability. However, it doesn't mean you can't expect it to produce something for a price that any other famous mainstream watchmaker would offer. You get those options also. Anyway, it may get a few people thinking that if it is more of a fashion brand than an authentic luxury brand, then why some of its watches tend to be expensive. For clarity on this and other aspects, you can read below.


Exploring women’s favorite Fossil watch

Understanding the meaning of a luxury watch

When taken in the sense of price, the term luxury appears to have subjective connotation because one person can find a thing expensive, while the other person can see the same thing as affordable. So, you cannot achieve an agreement over how much is a high price for a watch. But you can, for sure, endeavor to define a luxury watch. In this context, it is essential to realize that luxury and expensive don't entail the same meaning. However, while certain pricey things can be referred to as a luxury, there are still several costly purchases that don't qualify as luxurious. As a result, digging deeper is crucial.

Luxury watches usually refer to limited-edition watches with a variety of common traits and superior craftsmanship and intricacy. An assembled watch can fall into the category of a luxury material. You can, for example, consider Swiss watches. The Swiss watchmakers have to abide by specific manufacturing guidelines to be eligible to bear the tag of a Swiss watch. Apart from Swiss, some of the Japanese, French and German timepieces also are known for their luxurious offerings.

Now, you may ask whether Fossil is a luxury brand too. If you go by the strict definition of the luxury watch brand, then it may not qualify as one. But it is alright. Fossil watches stand out for quality and craftsmanship at prices that even inaccessible brands sometimes fail to match. So, they are worth investing. They might not belong to the highest standards of watchmaking, but you can rely on them to help you have a high-quality watch within an affordable range. Plus, along with being comfortable and stylish, these watches tell you accurate and precise time due to their expert mechanical features and engineering. In essence, you cannot hope to find all the advanced features in one watch, but if you want to buy something like this from the label, then you would have to increase your budget.


The price of a Fossil watch


Everyone tends to have their affordability criteria, and according to that, the price range preference can vary. You can get a Fossil wristwatch for as low as $70 or as high as $1000. It is up to you to decide what appears to be more costly. Someone who has a fetish for watches will not consider this brand as expensive. However, since not everyone can be on the same page about it, some people can call it out of reach. If you come from the latter segment of buyers, you may search for other little known brands and buy a cheaper item. But if looks and craftsmanship matter to you, then you cannot ditch Fossil so quickly.

If you are attracted to a Fossil watch, make sure to have awareness about their product prices. Some of the most sought-after watches under this label are available in the range of $125 to $386. You can explore them to find a perfect timepiece for yourself or someone dear.


Fossil watch: Some attractive designs for women

Virginia Three-Hand Stainless Steel Watch ES4482

If you are ready to lose your heart to a gorgeous design, then check this out. The sparkling stones on the bezel and bracelet are sure to draw everyone’s attention. Whoever sees it would likely heap praises on its physical makeup. You can wear it to any casual or semi-formal occasion. The pastel pink dial and hands, the Roman numerals punctuating the dial strategically to break the uniformity, the sophisticated stainless-steel case and other features lend this piece a pure feminine touch without making it too overwhelming. You can wear it to bask in some American vintage vibe.


Georgia Quartz Stainless Steel and Brown Leather Casual Fossil Watch ES3060

This particular watch can be of special interest for someone who likes to keep up with trends. A perfect daily wear item it is. The silver-tone dial features equestrian-style lugs, polished bezel, and the indices for an hour reading. It also has a unique vintage feel to it. The stainless-steel case, in combination with genuine brown leather, creates a delightful impression on any onlooker. Plus, water-resistance and quartz movement are the other highlights that you can find difficult to ignore.


Jacqueline Watch in Rose Gold-Tone Link Bracelet ES3435

Many females admire slim profile and simple design in their wristwatches as these go well with their casual and formal look seamlessly. The dial has subtle textures, and the mix of the Roman numerals and markings give it an excellent feel. Its stainless-steel bracelet in rose gold is impossible to overlook or miss by any chance.


Neely Quartz Stainless Steel Casual Watch ES4312

Finding something as a go-to choice for everyday wear may seem difficult. But if you desperately want a watch to elevate your regular fashion, then don’t forget to check this one. The numberless dial and stamped indices encased in the coin style brown bezel and slim steel case can draw anyone’s attention even from far. With that, the stainless-steel textured strap in blue color enhances the overall look even more. It is a quartz watch with water resistance. So, you can go out wearing this one anywhere without thinking about the risks. It can be a prized possession in your casual collection for sure.


Jacqueline Two-Tone Stainless Gray Leather Fossil Watch ES4377

Another incredible piece for an all-day outing, this watch, with its sleek silhouette, draws inspiration from modern design. The stainless-steel case with a gray leather strap can never go wrong in terms of combination. The polished round face against the marble detailing and rose gold-tone hands and markings adds an extra dimension to its beauty and grace. It can look chic, but it has a fair amount of sophistication too so that you can match it with any bold or subtle style hassle-free. Water resistance and quartz mechanism are the extended highlights.


Atwater Quartz Silver Stainless Steel ES4157

If you lean towards anything contemporary and minimalistic, then this can be the right option for you. This functional wear looks smart and appealing in its rectangular dial that shelters stick indices. The three-link stainless steel bracelet adds to its simple design. In this timepiece, you can witness the union of modernity and traditional charm. Your mind can drift to the era of the 1920s to 1930s when Art Deco style was at its peak. You can wear it to your workplace as well as formal gatherings without a second thought.


Annette Three-Hand Navy Leather Watch ES4355

Do you want to redefine your style without even making it overtly clear? The Annette watch from Fossil with stainless steel case, slim blue leather band, adjustable buckle closure, and three-hand display can achieve it for you quickly. The polished rose gold dial featuring quartz movement and round face can click with anyone instantly. And like other models, this also provides you with water resistance so that you can carry out your recreational water activities without fear. However, make sure you do it occasionally.

As you can see, the options are endless and diverse. Whether you have an office party, a social event, a casual outing, or something else, you can pick anything from this fashion label to serve your purpose. And the good thing is when you wear a recognized branded watch, you don't need to flash it. Everyone will pay attention to it naturally. So, instead of thinking about what to do and how, browse Fossil collections and enrich your wardrobe. You don't have to worry about the quality and price much.