Why is timekeeping crucial? How to ensure this and explore Seiko Prospex watches during COVID-19 lockdown?

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The pandemic Coronavirus has locked all of us down in a literal sense. From daily lives to businesses, everything is suffering, staring at the grim situation with the hope of recovering from it soon. The times are tricky for everyone, and watchmakers and watch lovers cannot be an exception in this case. If you are someone crazy about watches, you must be spending your time checking different watch journals and social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and others. While going through these, you must have seen some people admonishing the idea of focusing on watches in these trying times.

Well, timekeeping is human nature and has a relation with the natural events, in terms of the change of days and seasons. Although the habit of keeping of time can be the result of the invention also, you cannot deny it has tremendous utility and meaningfulness. Whether you travel from history to present day, or plant crops or manufacture something, time plays a critical role in every aspect. You may have come across passages where the mention of sundials in Egypt or cathedral clocks in Milan about centuries back appears.

During those times also, the world witnessed fatal plagues and sufferings. But the habit of timekeeping continued. Following this tradition is crucial as it helps us recognize what occurred in the history and when, and that this too shall pass – igniting a sense of optimism. There are various other aspects also that indicate there is a need to support watches and watchmakers.

Can you recall the moment when you developed a weakness for watches? No matter what may have triggered your love for timepieces, you may want to thank the watchmakers for enabling you to wear time on our wrists in one of the most stylish ways. The watches keep you mindful and, at the same time, help you distract yourself in troubling times. It is difficult to imagine someone who would not check their wrists to track time or forget to not look at it even on the dullest or busy day.

In this isolation time, you can go back to your collection of watches. Just pull out the drawer and marvel at what you have bought so far. Sift through their shapes or mechanisms, which you may not have done earlier due to packed schedules. Don't let yourself get bothered by questions like why watch. The passion for it can be as relevant as for literature or music, for that matter. So, what can you do right now with this love for timepieces? Here are some quick suggestions. Let’s go through them.

Things to do with the personal collection of Seiko Prospex and other editions

It can sound weird or outright mockery, especially when you have to take care of health and livelihood, but you also need to focus on some positive things in life to keep going. So, if you love your watches, you should show it in the following ways:

Take out all the watches you have from your wardrobe

An honest watch lover is likely to have all varieties of models and brands, including Seiko Prospex. So, just open your closet and take them out. Take a good look at ones that you neglected for long and ask yourself why you didn’t pay attention to them. At the same time, try to recollect all the emotions and pleasant experiences attached to them. You will feel better.

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Remove the dirt and dust from them

The watches can look clean, but you can wipe them with a suitable piece of rag, especially near the bracelet area. A bit of warm water and soft brush can come in handy. Make sure you are gentle and careful with this process.

Get the parts repaired

In this lockdown phase, you cannot visit large retailers and watch repair shops. However, if there is a local watchmaker who works alone, you can ask him for the needed servicing.

Post the watch pictures

It is a huge relief and relaxation some times to be able to scroll through some of the trending watches in photographs or videos online. Like many others, you may be interested in selfies more than posting about anything else. But for a change, you can celebrate your treasures by sharing a view of them with others. You don’t have to show off; just convey some positivity.


Reach out to different contacts

With the help of social media, you can remain in touch with several friends and remove the pain of staying in isolation a bit. At the same time, you can talk to people who share the same amount of enthusiasm and craze for watches. And if your friends are Prospex fans too, you may enjoy texting and chat about your possessions even more. If both have the same model from this range, you can discuss your favorite features. Or, suppose, you have a SOLAR SNJ027P1, and your friend has a SLA021J1. In that case, you can share with each other why you chose it and what makes your choice stand out from the rest.

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Show your appreciation for the watchmaker

Whether you are a proud owner of a Seiko or some other brands, you can take this time to appreciate them. Just imagine the amount of enthusiasm with which they make these watches. You see the final product and pick it. But these people build, nurture, and give shape to them. You can write about them on your social media or leave your reviews on the website from where you purchased them.


Upgrade your knowledge about the watches

Watches and watchmaking are great domains. In these small pieces of fashion and practical-use accessory, you get to witness the convergence of most exceptional craftsmanship, engineering, and creativity. For instance, you can view Marinemaster Diver Blue SLA023J1. The rotating bezel, blue dial, steel strap, and water resistance – all these and more make this watch a treat for eyes. If you haven’t seen this from Prospex, you can give it a look now. It is a beauty in dive watches, and many claims it to be better than other divers' collection.

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Think of what you can buy next

In this lockdown period, you can sit back and consider your watch buying habits. It can be an excellent time to understand what drives you to invest in one. Do you see it like an investment piece or something that you would enjoy sporting? It would be great to realize that you buy watches for the merits they have and how you can ultimately own them. Since heritage collections or ones with generational values tend to be enormously expensive, you may not want to spend all your money on them and forgo exploring exciting opportunities out there in the market.

If that is so, you can go through the choices in Prospex watch. The word Prospex stands for professional specifications. From this, you can understand the seriousness with which these have been created and crafted. Let’s explore a few examples.


  1. Seiko Prospex SNE543P1 and SNE541P1 Men’s Watches

Both these models are an example of a seamless shift from daily urban life to rugged outdoor demands. 200m of water resistance shows you can wear them to recreational diving activity without any tension. The silicone material is corrosion-free. Hence, you don’t have to worry when you go underwater. However, both of them are the brawny watches suitable for urban sensibilities and fashion too. You don't just have to wear them outdoors. They can complement your social look also with ease.

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  1. Seiko Prospex SRPD23K1 Men’s Watch

The shark fin, distinctive color, and a dial with wave design speak of its unmatchable appearance. Water-resistance is 200m, and its case is also unique. The stainless-steel strap with a 43.8mm case size can sit on any wrist nicely.

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  1. Seiko Prospex SRPD27K1 Men’s Watch

It is a handsome new age dive watch from Seiko’s Prospex family. It is affordable for an automatic watch. The silicone strap and hardlex case take care of the beauty and purpose of the watch. It comes with a water-resistance of 200m. Its wheel-shaped bezel and the black tone make it a standout timepiece.

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  1. Seiko Prospex Marinemaster Diver Blue SLA023J1

It is an advanced dive watch with the water-resistance of up to 300m, the right choice for any recreational diver. Where a large number of these watches come with a black dial, this particular piece has a blue tone. It makes it luxurious- and premium-looking while ensuring the ease of time readability. Its technical aspects and designs can be a treat for any watch lover or diving enthusiast.

So, what are you planning to do in this phase of your life? If you don't have any of these models, you can check licensed dealer stores online and learn more about them. Maybe once everything returns to normal, you may want to get your hands on one of them. Just make sure you visit only credible websites to avoid the hassle of counterfeit pieces.

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